'Top Gear America': Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon Share Details About Dax Shepard in Season 2 (Exclusive)

Season 2 of Top Gear America is streaming now on Motortrend+, and Dax Shepard, Rob Corddry and Jethro Bovingdon are back for more action behind the wheel. But how is it working with Shepard, who is known for his love for cars and is also an executive producer on Top Gear America? In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Corddry and Bovingdon reveal the experience of working with the 47-year-old, actor, comedian and podcast host. 

"For me, it's been great in that we all have three very distinct, our wheelhouses are very different," Corddry exclusively told PopCulture. "Like Jethro is sort of the expert and while Dax knows a lot about cars, he's more of the daredevil gearhead, the one who will do anything to anyone and I'm sort of the audience. I'm a car enthusiast who actually gets to do this show in the place of the viewer."

Bovingdon loves the fact that Shepard is a risk-taker. "Dax is great," he said. "I think the thing that Rob said, the most accurate thing, is just he will do anything, especially if it means victory like Dax will... Personal safety has very, very little meaning for Dax. That's what I've learned over the course of the show."

And speaking of winning, Corddry went on today that it's not a good feeling when he beats Shepard in a challenge on Top Gear America. "I know Jethro doesn't feel this way because he loves beating Dax," he stated. "But if I ever beat Dax I'd feel so bad because he takes it so hard, you know that sure he smiles a little bit on camera, but when he's driving home, he is just pounding his steering wheel. He's so competitive. It's satisfying and kind of a bummer to beat him in something."

Top Gear America is a fresh take on the world's biggest motoring show Top Gear. In each episode, Shepard, Corddry and Bovingdon take a closer look at the auto industry by celebrating all the things they love about cars as well as arguing about the things they don't. The trio will tackle different challenges in each episode while adding some comedy to keep things fun. The first two episodes of Top Gear America Season 2 are available now, and a new episode will be released every Friday.