'Tiger King' Subjects Reportedly Under Federal Investigation

In advance of the TMZ special Tiger King — What Really Went Down?, TMZ's founder Harvey Levin spoke to The Wrap about the popular Netflix series and its stars. In his interview with the publication, Levin shared a major report about the cast. He told the outlet that the special will claim some of the stars of Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness are reportedly under federal investigation. To add another wild component to the report, those aforementioned stars were reportedly unaware of that fact before filming this upcoming special.

"We found three federal investigations that are ongoing right now, targeting some of the people on that show," Levin claimed in his interview with The Wrap. "And they don't even know that they're targets because when I interviewed them they said, 'Look, we're not being looked at.' Well, a couple of them definitely are and we know which agencies are doing it and why they're doing it. And there was a big thing we found out that at least one of the agencies, the United States of Department Agriculture begged one of these agencies to get involved years ago and they just had no interest. And the interest was generated only because of Tiger King."

While this was a major bombshell to drop in advance of the program, Levin was tight-lipped in regards to who exactly is reportedly under federal investigation. Tiger King fans will have to tune in to the special in order to find out who Levin is referring to. The special will air on FOX on Monday at 9 p.m. ET. Elsewhere in his interview with The Wrap, the TMZ founder shared that the special will touch upon some important questions that fans may have had after watching the Netflix series.

Not only did he say that some stars of Tiger King are reportedly under investigation, but he also said that he had interviewed Allen Glover, the man that the true crime story's star, Joe Exotic, paid $3,000 to. Levin said that his interview with Glover was especially interesting because it could shed some light on the case behind why Exotic ultimately went to prison (It was alleged that Exotic paid Glover to kill rival Carole Baskin). Additionally, he claimed that sheriff Chad Chronister is "suspicious" of Baskin.


"The first thing that you're gonna see is the sheriff [Chad Chronister]... That he is very suspicious of Carole, and others, even though he says she's not a suspect or person of interest. Then he says that he believes Don Lewis was murdered and he believes there was more than one person involved and that somebody got paid and that somebody helped," Levin claimed. "And he is asking for somebody to come forward when we did the interview with him and that he is inclined to give them immunity, even if they participated, if they can lead him to the big fish. So the fact that he's offering immunity and that he believes that there were multiple people and he explains why he's suspicious of Carole."