'Tiger King': New Episode Might Focus on Siegfried and Roy Attack, in Wake of Roy Horn's Death

There appears to be even more Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness coming to Netflix. The Hollywood Reporter learned that production is looking to film another episode and has its eyes on one particular Las Vegas duo.

The report suggests that the 2003 tiger attack involving Siegfried and Roy is in the running as the main focus for a new episode. If this goes through, the episode would fall under the Tiger King name. The news first came from a phone call between the outlet and Dr. James Liu, who worked on set of the hit Netflix docuseries. Liu was looking for contact information for the former tiger handler of Siegfried and Roy, Chris Lawrence. Lawrence was onstage during the infamous attack and had his battle with PTSD documented in The Hollywood Reporter 15 years ago. This all comes after Roy Horn lost his life to the coronavirus on Friday. Since the report of the new subjects came out, a representative of Goode Films, who produced Tiger King, denied that this is an attempt to recover their image, calling it "untrue that the direction is going in a more conservational route."

Despite the roaring success from the public, the Netflix series has come under criticism from many of the characters' spotlighted in the series. Director Eric Goode even admitted to Vanity Fair that the direction of the series got a little derailed as the characters began to become the main attraction. “I went into this to explore a different side of the animal world in terms of wild animals in captivity,” he said in the interview. “After spending years with these subjects the project moved in a different direction. Netflix is very adept at making binge-worthy television and with these larger-than-life subjects that was pretty easy to do. However, my goal is and has always been the same, which is to raise awareness and help save the species.”

If it was up to Carole Baskin, the antagonist of Joe Exotic in the docuseries, an episode on Siegfried and Roy would be better served focusing not just on their performances but what went on behind the scenes. In a post on Big Cat Rescue that was unearthed, Baskin said she "hated" the 20/20 special that aired on ABC, saying production completely missed the opportunity to expose them. "This was a huge missed opportunity to do real investigative reporting that would have served a very meaningful purpose and potentially positively impacted many animals," Baskin wrote. Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness can be streamed on Netflix, as well as the reunion special hosted by Joel McHale.