'The Ranch' Part 7 Release Date Revealed

Netflix fans are waiting with bated breath for the new season of The Ranch, which is set to hit the streaming platform on Friday, Sept. 13. The Ashton Kutcher-led sitcom is back with Part 7, which, judging by a new trailer released on Friday, will see Beau navigate the challenges of young, single fatherhood all while running a ranch and dealing with the pushback from father Beau (Sam Elliott).

When fans last saw Colt, Abby (Elisha Cuthbert) was devastated that he lied to her about the sale of the Bennett Brothers' herd. She decided that she'd had enough, and told Colt that she thought they should separate. Their growing family and possible separation isn't the only thing causing headaches, though. The series introduced Dax Shepard's character Luke, who came on board as Beau's previously unknown nephew — a former soldier who suffers from PTSD and addiction. Eventually, Luke got involved with Rooster's (Danny Masterson) ex-girlfriend Mary (Megyn Price) and asked her to go with him to California. Meanwhile, Beau took the next step in his relationship with Joanne (Kathy Baker), asking her to move in with him after he agreed to make Iron River Ranch an official part of the Neumann's Hill family.

Part 7 is the second full batch of episodes with Masterson, who was fired by Netflix over multiple allegations of sexual assault.

While fans can expect plenty of new laughs and storylines with Part 7, the series is nearing its end. Kutcher announced in June that the upcoming fourth season of the show would be its last, meaning that The Ranch will end with Part 8, scheduled to arrive to Netflix in 2020. The 80 episodes will become the streamer's longest-running multi-camera comedy to date (as opposed to Fuller House, which will end its fifth and final season at 75 episodes).

Shepard took to Instagram when Netflix announced the show would end after Part 8 to share his feelings about the end of the show.

“I've had SO much fun working daily with [Elisha Cuthbert] Sam and Ashton [Kutcher] on The Ranch,” Shepard captioned a photo of himself, Kutcher, Cuthbert, and Sam Elliott, the first promo photo of the season.


"The show is sadly coming to an end, but happily, not before the final 20 episodes — 10 streaming later this year (2019) on Netflix, and then 10 more in 2020," he added. "A lifetime highlight was hugging Sam Elliott every morning when I got to work. That's far more luck than I ever planned on having."

Part 7 of The Ranch premieres Friday, Sept. 13 on Netflix. Click here to see what else will drop on the streaming platform in September.