'The Ranch' Part 6 Trailer Reveals First Look at Colt and Abby's Baby

The trailer for part 6 of The Ranch is here, and it gives fans their first look at Colt and Abby's [...]

The trailer for part 6 of The Ranch is here, and it gives fans their first look at Colt and Abby's baby.

The second half of season 3 of The Ranch is almost here, and Netflix released a new trailer on Tuesday. It lays out the plotlines for the next several episodes, including Rooster (Danny Masterson)'s ongoing absence, Colt (Ashton Kutcher)'s struggles with the new ranch, and of course Abby (Elisha Cuthbert)'s pregnancy.

The trailer even takes fans into the hospital, where Colt and Abby's baby is shown clearly for the first time. Rather than hold onto the reveal for the actual episode, Netflix is putting it all out in the open, even teasing a few of Colt and Beau (Sam Elliott)'s punch lines.

"Don't worry dad, I already checked, she's a Republican," Colt says at one point.

The trailer gives a few other major tid-bits as well. Fans can see Colt and Abby at a football game when she suddenly goes into labor. While Colt is ready to run out the door to the hospital, Abby suggests they wait until after the coin toss.

"I love you," he replies through a mouth full of food.

The trailer also reveals Beau's preferred grandfather moniker — Pop-pop.

"I think I want to be called Pop-pop," he says, smiling. "That's the sound you hear at the firing range."

Finally, the trailer ends with our first look at Dax Shepard in his new role as Luke Matthews. Shepard was added to the cast to replace Masterson as Rooster, after the latter was fired following a slew of sexual assault allegations. By the looks of it, Luke will fill a very similar role. He is introduced by a police officer in the Bennett family driveway.

"I picked this guy up for drunken disorderly," he says, opening the door to allow Luke to tumble out head first.

"Handsome? Drunk? Yeah, he looks like one of us," Colt says casually.

Shepard starred alongside Kutcher years ago on MTV's Punk'd, and the two have since shown a lot of public affection for one another. While some fans are excited to see the two back together, many are still furious over Masterson's removal.

Angry tweets, Facebook comments and online petitions are still swirling around the internet, demanding that Masterson get his job back. The actor faces sexual assault allegations from no less than four women, though the statute of limitations have made criminal investigations impossible. He was written off the show in part 5, and by the looks of it, his absence will continue to be felt by the other characters.

The Ranch part 6, also known as the second half of season 3, hits Netflix on Wednesday, Dec. 7.