'The Order' Season 3 Would Have Resurrected Major Dead Character

Dennis Heaton, the show creator of The Order, revealed on Sunday to that Netflix had pulled the [...]

Dennis Heaton, the show creator of The Order, revealed on Sunday to that Netflix had pulled the plug on the series after just two seasons. The horror series had been filled with many twists-and-turns over its first 20 episodes. Heaton shared on Twitter that he was excited to re-introduce a character into Season 3.

Heaton suggested that the series' star, Jack Morton, would have revived Alyssa Drake after she was bit to death by Midnight in the finale of the second season. While telling fans of the show the character portrayed by Sarah Grey would have been coming back, he hinted that it wouldn't be to her true form, explaining that she would have "come back wrong." What would have been different? Well, Heaton didn't get into specifics but it sure sounds like Alyssa would have taken a completely turn, "Like, Pet Sematary wrong. Probably possessed by Zecchia. And a whole bunch of other corpses were coming back with her."

The Order debuted on Netflix on March 7, 2019. Led by an ensemble that included Jake Manley, Matt Frewer, Sam Trammell, Katherine Isabelle, Max Martini and Grey, it became one of the more popular shows on the streaming service before its surprise cancellation. News of Netflix dropping the series even came as a surprise to the show's creator. In his tweet which broke the news, Heaton called working on The Order as one of the "best experiences" of his career. Prior to this, the writer had been behind series like Ghost Wars, Motive and Blood Ties. "Unfortunately we aren't returning, but I will always cherish the memories and the props I stole," Heaton noted in his goodbye." The second season dropped in June, scoring a perfect 100% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes for all two seasons.

While not specified, some of the recent shows dumped by Netflix were a result of the strain COVID-19 has placed on the industry. These include GLOW, The Society and I Am Not Okay With This over the past few months. Since the pandemic began, shows across the spectrum have been impacted in one way or the other by the virus, even becoming a part of the storyline as is the case in some of the biggest shows like This Is Us and Grey's Anatomy. Both seasons are available to be streamed on Netflix.