'The Ms. Pat Show': Ms. Pat and Jordan Cooper Reveal Season 3 Theme of BET+ Series (Exclusive)

The Ms. Pat Show is back for its third season, and there's only one word to describe what the season is about: growth. PopCulture.com spoke exclusively to The Ms. Pat Show star Ms. Pat (Patricia Williams) and co-creator Jordan Cooper who revealed the theme is for the new season which is streaming on BET+ now

"I think there's a character theme and then there's also a show theme," Cooper exclusively told PopCulture. "So character theme, really what we see in this season is Pat on the come-up as a comedian, trying her best to juggle, balance, being a comedian and a mom and a wife. And her trying to figure out if all these things can happen at once, without neglecting or dropping the ball on another. So that's really what the theme is here. And as far as the family, it's really growth. Everybody's inching towards something new. Everybody's inching towards new ground. But as a creator, I think that this is the I Love Lucy season. I keep on saying this is the pure comedy. We just balls to the wall, we just have a lot of fun."

Ms. Pat just said "growth" is the Season 3 theme. "College people always give you long answers, she added. "College-educated people. Just growth. Just growth." The show is based on Ms. Pat's life, and Season 3 shows the rise of her career as a comedian. The start of the season shows Ms. Pat on a stand-up tour with one of her comedy heroes, but she revealed it took a long time for her career to take off. 

"I didn't get an agent that fast. My career didn't take off that fast. It took about 15 years," Ms. Pat explained. "But Jordan, we was able to put it into, what, a half an hour to show you how I go from here to not being able to get gigs, to looking up and being able to open for someone who was a really big comedian. That really happened in my life. I ended up opening for Arnez J, DeRay and Katt Williams. And so that really kind of pushed me out there even more in front of a bigger audience. So we just took that and created an episode out of it."

The Ms. Pat Show is one of the more successful shows on BET+ as it was nominated for an Emmy Award last year. Cooper believes people love the series because of its realness. "It's a Black family that is just unfiltered, unadulterated and doesn't move in identity politics as far as being respectable or being acceptable," Cooper said. "It's really just we are flies on the walls in this Black family's household, and they get to have real conversations and hard conversations. And it's also a Trojan horse for the world to have these hard conversations that they don't normally get to have, or they don't normally have the language to have. And so I think that people just relate to it and they see themselves in it. And when they don't see themselves, they wish they could be that."