'The Ms. Pat Show' Cast Members React to Historic Emmy Nomination (Exclusive)

Season 2 of The Ms. Pat Show is now streaming on BET+ and it comes shortly after the show learned that it was nominated for an Emmy Award. In July, The Ms. Pat Show earned a nomination for "Best Directing in a Comedy Series," and the show, as well as another BET series called The Porter, made history as it's the first time BET received nominations for scripted shows. PopCulture.com recently caught up with the cast of The Ms. Pat Show, and they were excited to receive some love from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. 

"Well, of course I was excited because we knew initially when we did the pilot, as [J. Bernard Calloway] was saying, that how special this show really is and how much longevity it's going to have," Tami Roman, who plays Denise on the show, exclusively told PopCulture. "So to be on our second season and already have that type of acknowledgment is just a testament to what we've been knowing, and it was just a matter of the audience just becoming more familiar with the show and knowing that we're out here and what we're doing."

Mary Lou Belli, who has directed shows such as Charles in Charge, Major Dad, Sister, Sister, The Hugley's and The Game, directed the episode that earned the Emmy nomination. Brittany Inge, who plays Ashley, was happy to see Belli's reaction she learned the news. "She was shocked. Just proud," Ingle said. "I guess when I see when moments like that happen, I think of the first time that we started this and to think I knew this could go far and you want people to see it and the legacy it can have and when you start to get those accolades, you're like, 'I knew it. I knew we could do this.' When people didn't believe in it, it's like, I knew we could get there and now it's happening. For me, I just feel proud."

Briyana Guadalupe, who plays, Janelle, added, "Yeah. We knew we had something special and then to finally see it get recognized in that way. It's like, 'Thank God. It's coming across.'" Ms. Pat, the star, co-creator and executive producer of The Ms. Pat Show, didn't think the series would be nominated due to how the show is written. 

"They want that lily white s—. They don't want that real s—," Ms. Pat said. "They won't give us no f—ing Emmy nomination. And so [co-creator and executive producer Jordan E. Cooper] run in my trailer on that day because he watching it. I don't f— watch it. I don't know what no dumb Emmy is. I don't even want to get dressed up and go eat that nasty a— food. So he run in my trailer, he jumping up and down and I wish I could describe the excitement on this kid's face. And it made me excited to see him excited to know that he's 20-something years old, his first show he created, getting nominated for an Emmy and he had just found out he's on his way to Broadway with his first play too."

Ms. Pat continued, "Yeah. I was excited for him because he's like, we got nominated for an Emmy. And I'm like, we did? Because you know, he been talking about this Emmy s— from day one. I'm like, oh s— hell." All 10 episodes of The Ms. Pat Show Season 2 are now streaming on BET+.