'The Big Show Show': Allison Munn Teases WWE Guest Stars, Says Series Will Appeal to Non-Wrestling Fans Too (Exclusive)

The Big Show Show will be a delight for WWE fans, but will have plenty to offer for those who do not watch wrestling as well, according to Allison Munn. In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Munn said that the show has some exciting cameos from WWE stars, in addition to The Big Show himself. She also said that the it has something for everyone in the family.

Munn stars as Cassy, the wife of The Big Show on Netflix's upcoming sitcom, The Big Show Show. The series centers around a fictionalized version of the wrestler — whose real name is Paul Wight — and his family, as The Big Show retires from touring.

Munn said that the show would have plenty of moments to delight WWE fans, including cameos from other wrestlers, references to the sport and a comedic take on the life of a wrestler — both in and out of the ring.

"There's one really fun episode that I think the wrestling fans will love," she said. "It definitely is wrestling-centered. I think they're just going to love it. We have some very exciting — in the wrestling world — some very exciting guest stars. So I think the wrestling fans will definitely feel the love."

Munn could not specify who these guests stars might be. She admitted she was not a huge wrestling fan herself growing up, so she did not have a clear idea of just how popular someone like The Big Show was before she began working on this show. She said that it really became clear to her when Wight took her and a few others to the Hollywood Horror Nights at Universal Studios in October.

"I've been in this business a long time. I've been to theme parks with famous people. Before, it was nothing. This was — I had never seen anything like this. The park shut down, everyone was swarming to him. It was even madness. And so I think that's the first time I realized the magnitude of his fame. People just love him."

Now that he has watched her work on this show, Munn said that her son is becoming a WWE fan himself. As for the rest of the family, she said that The Big Show Show has a little something for everyone, and that "there are definitely jokes for the grown-ups, and there are some storylines that the kids are gonna love."


"I just feel like Netflix has done a great job, and our writers, Jason Berger and Josh Bycel have really gotten the tone right because I know as a mom I'm always looking for shows to watch with my kids," she said.

The Big Show Show is set to drop on Netflix some time this spring. No official release date has been announced yet.