'Tell Me A Story' Season 2: Ashley Rose and Beau Bond by the Piano in Episode 4 Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

Tell Me A Story's Ashley Rose Pruitt and her bodyguard Beau are getting closer to romance. In a new sneak peek at Episode 4 of the CBS All Access psychological thriller, Ashley (Natalie Alyn Lind) enjoys a moment of inspiration by the piano when Beau (Eka Darville) arrives at her lavish home to continue his security duties.

The bodyguard has slowly gotten closer to the traumatized country star, and the scene from the Dec. 26 episode shows their bond is continuing to grow. The pair bond and share flirty smiles by the piano, before they are interrupted by Ken (Evan Parke), Beau's boss and father.

Ashley and Rose are the main characters in Season 2's Beauty and the Beast storyline, with the rising country star representing the Beast. The season started with Ashley sustaining serious injuries in an attempted car bomb murder. The trauma left her wearing a protective mask on parts of her face, and without her ability to sing for the time being.

The sneak peek comes after Episode 3 saw Ashley and Beau grow closer after they went out on the town together. The episode also featured a possible crack on the identity of the person who tried to kill her, as another obsessed fan named Kyle (Casey Thomas Brown) got dangerously close to her assistant Susie (Kathryn Prescott).

Ahead of the premiere, Lind spoke with PopCulture.com at the Season 2 premiere red carpet event in Nashville, Tennessee, Nov. 20, revealing she loved her part in the season's fairytale plot.

"I mean the obvious reason was the Beauty and the Beast factor," Lind said of of joining the cast for Season 2. "Growing up I was obsessed with fairytales, and Beauty and the Beast was my favorite one.

"I loved Belle so that's kind of who my role model was growing up," she added. "But I feel like with how things are moving in Hollywood, women are becoming more empowered and I'm happy that we have a showrunner that's willing to put a male character and changing it into a female character. That was super interesting to me about the role."

Season 2 is set in Nashville, Tennessee, which Lind said was the perfect place to play a music star.

"I'm not really a singer, but I do sing [on the show]. We have like four songs that we're releasing," she said, revealing that when she recorded her vocals for the songs she found out she was recording in one of Willie Nelson's recording studios.


"It was king of like going from nothing, to all of a sudden being in a lace where all these iconic people I've looked up to for so long... I was like 'O.K. I'm a performer,'" Lind added.

New episodes of Tell Me A Story premiere Thursdays on CBS All Access.