'Sweet Tooth': Christian Convery and Nonso Anozie Reveal Favorite Locations From Epic Netflix Series (Exclusive)

Sweet Tooth depicts the epic journey of Gus and Jepp across a world reclaimed by the wilderness, and actors Christian Convery and Nonso Anozie had an amazing journey of their own in the filming process. The two actors spoke to PopCulture.com this week about the show's successful premiere on Netflix. They each shared their personal favorite location from the show.

Sweet Tooth is set mostly in the Midwest, with Gus starting his journey in Yellowstone National Park. However, the show was primarily filmed in New Zealand from October to December of 2020. The actors raved about the beauty of the locations there, starting with 11-year-old Convery, who said he was captivated by the very first scene he filmed back in 2019.

"So, the first day I went to film Sweet Tooth — this is back in 2019 when we were filming the pilot... the last scene of Episode 1 — that's the first scene that we filmed," he revealed. "I'm running across a mountaintop, and then I got to this 3,000-foot cliff, with a big drop. That was definitely one of my favorite sets to film because it's so beautiful and surreal! You know, it looks even like CGI, it doesn't look like it's on this planet. It looks so real and amazing. That was definitely one of my favorite sets to film on, for sure, for sure."

As for Anozie, he said: "I would say the South Island in New Zealand. It's just beautiful, it's beautiful. You feel like you've gone back in time before human beings had ever touched to the earth. There are, you know, shards of rocking shooting up in formations that you normally don't see anywhere else in the world, and fauna and trees that I had never seen! There's a beautiful scene in the second episode where we're walking through this field of yellow flowers that, I was like 'What are these? I've never seen these before,' you know? It's just a beautiful place. It's a beautiful place to film."

Like so many other productions, Sweet Tooth was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and was unable to film on its usual schedule. It was announced that principal photography was underway in New Zealand in July of 2020, but then in October of 2020 another report said that production had resumed after a months-long interruption. The show wrapped up in December.


In just over a week, Sweet Tooth has become one of the breakout Netflix original series of its time, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Season 1 is streaming now on Netflix.