'Stranger Things' Season 4, Volume 2: Eagle-Eyed Viewers Spot Historically Inaccurate Detail

A few fans of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things noticed something that isn't true to the 1980s. On the HVAC subreddit, some eagle-eyed viewers noticed some AC units that originated in the 1990s. This led to some Twitter users noticing the post and it led to a viral conversation. 

"For those who don't know, this show takes place in the mid-1980s, and the AC in the background of this scene is from the late 90s to early 2000s," the original poster, Chief_B33f, said, per GameSpot. Another member replied Stanger Things is "usually pretty good at making everything very accurate for the time," and is "surprised at this mistake."

(Photo: Netflix)

A Twitter user said the AC unit isn't the only thing that is historically inaccurate. "There's so many modern things in Stranger Things," the person wrote. "It's honestly really funny to look for them. My [boyfriend] said the guns they often use aren't from the 80's. I saw a smart watch in one scene. It's great."

This comes as Season 4: Volume 2 of Stranger Things was released on Netflix Friday. The first seven episodes were released on May 27, and they came nearly three years after Season 3 began streaming on Netflix. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Stanger Things executive producer Shawn Levy explained why Season 4 was split into two parts. 

"We didn't think nine episodes were going to be ready in time, and we have made the world wait long enough. We always knew that if we could deliver the first seven, it's such a satisfying breaking point and pay-off moment, that it'll keep people fed for enough weeks so we can finish up Volume 2," Levy said. 


"Every streamer is playing around with different models. We've seen full-season, binge-worthy streaming, aka Stranger Things 1, 2 and 3. We've seen Disney+ and Hulu try a weekly model, which didn't feel quite right for this. So, we're happy that we were able to give our audience a huge meal of story. But it also gives us time to stick the landing by finishing the last two episodes really strongly and, as you've already now seen, this season relies on next-level visual effects and world-building, and as you can imagine, Volume 2 is very ambitious in its storytelling, and we need a little more time to finish strong."