'Sons of Anarchy' Star Has a Role in Netflix's No. 1 Show

Sons of Anarchy might not be on Netflix anymore, but one of its stars is still finding success on the platform. Theo Rossi, who played Juice Ortiz on SOA, has a role in the new Netflix show True Story. The limited series, which is top-lined by Kevin Hart and Wesley Snipes, is currently the No. 1 title on the platform, ruling over all other shows as well as movies. The show is all about a uber-famous comedian, Kid (Hart), who gets sucked into a perilous situation while visiting his hometown of Philadelphia. Snipes plays Kid's brother Carlton, and Rossi plays a "super-fan" of the megastar.

This is far from Rossi's first Netflix hit. He played the antagonist Hernan "Shades" Alvarez in the Marvel series Luke Cage, in what was his biggest television role since Sons of Anarchy. He also appeared opposite Carmen Ejogo as the character Billy in the 2019 thriller Rattlesnake. However, his biggest Netflix role to date came in Army of the Dead.

Army of the Dead dropped on Netflix back in May and quickly became of Netflix's biggest movies ever. Rossi plays Bart Cummings in the zombie-centric heist movie alongside Dave Bautista, Omari Hardwick and Tig Notaro, among others. When it comes to starring in all these Netflix projects, Rossi doesn't seem to mind the fact that viewers might be absorbing this high-quality material on phones or TV sets.

"The one thing that we've learned in history, and I'm crazy about history, is you can't stop progress," Rossi recently told Screen Rant. "You can't stop things. You can't just, like, I mean technological progress. Things change. And you can't. Now, sure, I absolutely love going to the movies, you know? Last week I saw a movie. It's amazing. I also like sitting on my couch and watching a 75-inch TV or a 65 inch TV or whatever Target's selling them for now. Like Vizio, I think they're always doing deals on those. And especially for people who have kids. Sometimes you can't get to the theater. Something I think is as great as anything in the world is give options. You can go there and you can go there. I see people when I'm in New York City watching TV shows on their phone. And I'm like, 'no, that's not supposed to be in that ratio. It's bigger than that. You have to see that bigger.' You know, and I can't imagine how hard that is, because there's people around them at all times.

"Options. We can never tell people what to do. It's just not, we can't. In their consumption of entertainment. In other things we should, but in their consumption of entertainment, we can't tell people what to enjoy or what not to enjoy. That's not how this business began. It began by something for everyone. That's why there's comedy and drama and all these different versions of it. So, in that debate, I think that there's two answers that technologically things are going to go a certain way regardless as TVs in homes get bigger, as houses get bigger, as people whatever. And theaters are, look, movies are still making a ton of money. People are still going to the movies. And they're seeing all types of films, it's not just a big blockbuster. People are seeing all type of film. I just want to see Hustlers in the theater and Hustlers is not a, you know, giant set-piece that you're like I have to see an IMAX oh, but it was amazing to see that. I saw the Mister Rogers documentary in the movies and that's a documentary. I'm not a documentary freak, but I want to see it in the movies, at the theater, because I wanted to. So, I think again that's my choice. It was available, but I chose to go to the theater. So I can cry in private. Where no one can see it."

All episodes of True Story are available now on Netflix, alongside Luke Cage, Rattlesnake and Army of the Dead. Sons of Anarchy is currently streaming on Netflix.