'Seinfeld' Coming to Netflix in 2021

In real and spectacular news for Seinfeld fans, it's been announced that all 180 episodes of the iconic sitcom will be heading to Netflix in 2021. The news was announced today by Netflix, who posted a tweet revealing the plans, and also shared that it will be available "worldwide." Fans have since been commenting on the news, with one tweeting back, "Great news, except the part we have to wait 2 more years." Another fan joked that they "thought it was already on there."

"Great to hear! Netflix needs more classic sitcoms like this! Please," someone else wrote.

"Well that's cool, was getting tired of sitting through ads on Hulu," one other Twitter user said, referring to the fact that the show is currently available on Hulu, but if you do not have an ad-free plan you are required to watch commercial breaks during episodes.

The Seinfeld news comes following announcements that both The Office and Friends will be leaving Netflix soon, which some have since pointed out.

"I see Netflix is in panic mode over losing Friends and The Office," one person offered.

Still, others have seen this as an opportunity to criticize Netflix for spending money to carry older shows but cancel beloved originals, such as The OA.

"Why are you spending so much money on old tv shows everybody already binge watched online somewhere years ago. We want you to spend money on your original shows. No more nostalgia and see all your original shows through I stead of cancelling them!! [Save The OA]," one supporter of the sci-fi series wrote.

"It would be easier if you would believe more in your best creative original series, [The OA] is internationally acclaimed, it is a great profound contemporary tale, believe in it or release it for the believers," someone else offered.


It was announced in August that Netflix had canceled The OA after two seasons. Ever since, fans have been campaigning extensively for a new season, or at least a film to wrap up the story. At this time, it appears unlikely that either will happen.

Photo Credit: NBC