'Rick and Morty' Creator's 'Solar Opposites' Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed on Hulu

Solar Opposites Season 2 is finally crash-landing on Hulu on March 26, 2021. The cartoon comes from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and one of its head writers, Mike McMahan. In the new teaser for the series, it looks like more earth-bound hijinks are on the way from the fan-favorite Schlorpians.

Solar Opposites stars Justin Roiland and Thomas Middleditch as two aliens stranded in the suburban United States, and they spent much of Season 1 trying to repair their ship to get off the planet. On Wednesday, a new trailer for Season 2 of the series opened with Korvo (Roiland) boldly claiming that "the ship is totally repaired, we can finally leave this s—hole planet!" To the other characters' delight, however, the ship does not get far, and Jesse (Mary Mack) shouts "Yay! We're still trapped on Earth!"

Solar Opposites premiered in May of 2020 as a Hulu original and became an instant hit. The series shares similar animation, writing style, and humor with Rick and Morty, meeting the demand of an audience hungry for my sci-fi shenanigans. The first season consisted of 8 episodes, and Season 2 will be the same length. However, in June, Hulu renewed the series for a 12-episode Season 3.

According to Hulu, the show was a groundbreaking success. The streaming service told Variety that Solar Opposites was the number 1 most-watched titled on Hulu in the days following its premiere, and one of its biggest debuts for an original series.

The excitement was palpable among fans on social media, who celebrated Wednesday's surprise announcement. One commenter called this "The best news of 2021 so far," while another wrote: "My day just got a whole lot better. I know what I'm doing on my birthday weekend!"

Many fans cracked jokes comparing the timeliness of Solar Opposites Season 2 to the long waits between seasons of Rick and Morty. The latter cartoon is infamous for taking years between releases, while Solar Opposites has been gone for less than a year. However, in this case, that is thanks to a favorable development deal.

Roiland and McMahan originally developed Solar Opposites for Fox, which shelved the project indefinitely. It was then bought by Hulu instead, at which point it got a 2-season order. That means these 16 episodes were made back-to-back, but fans may not be able to expect the same efficiency when it comes to Season 3.


Regardless, many are now counting the days until this big premiere. Solar Opposites Season 2 hits Hulu on Friday, March 26, 2021.