'Riches' Star Emmanuel Imani Talks Playing 'Aspirational' Role in Prime Video Series (Exclusive)

Riches is a new British drama series streaming on Prime Video that seems to be loved by viewers and fans. And one character fans seem to enjoy is Simon Richards who becomes an owner of the cosmetics company Flair and Glory with her sister Nina Richards (Deborah Ayorinde). In an exclusive interview with PopCulture.com, Emmanuel Imani, who plays Simon in Riches, explains why he enjoyed playing the role. 

"I think Simon is an aspirational character," Imani exclusively told PopCulture. "This queer man that exists in this world that's thriving, this non-toxic relationship, and he isn't driven by the pursuit of money. I can say that I'm not driven by the pursuit of money sometimes, but I do... For me actually, I would like to be Simon. I'd love to have this life where I get this beautiful relationship and my career is thriving at the same time, and yes, there's family drama going on in the background, but Simon doesn't always engage with it. He very much has the ability to remove himself, and I think maybe that's down to the therapy he's doing or something, I don't know. I'd like to be him though."

Riches – First Look
(Photo: David Hindley/Prime Video)

Simon and Nina are awarded the company when their father, Stephen Richards (Hugh Quarshie) dies suddenly. This causes a rift between Simon and Nina's half-siblings because they have close ties to the London-based company since they live in London. Simon and Nina live in the United States, but Nina decides to stay in London to run the company. And while Simon is supportive of Nina, he is not involved in the drama as much as his sister since he has a life in New York.

Imani went on to say how much he enjoyed working on the show. "Honestly, hand on heart, this is the best job I've ever worked on," he explained. "I can say that in all honesty. God sees my heart. It's something special to get to walk onto a set every day and do what you love with people who you care about and care about you back."

When talking about working with Ayorinde, Imani said, "We supported each other fearlessly on this project and I've never witnessed something like that, and the chemistry on and off camera is electric. She is so special to me and she's championed me in so many ways and supported me in so many ways that I just pray to be involved with her on camera in this role for many years, but off camera as well, it's been a wonderful experience for me."