'Red Table Talk': Jay Shetty Talks Accepting Partner's Weaknesses in Exclusive Clip

Author and life coach Jay Shetty is sharing relationship tips on the new episode of Red Table Talk. PopCulture.com obtained an exclusive clip from the Facebook Watch series that shows Shetty talking to the hosts about the one thing he doesn't like about his wife, which is not being on time. 

"I have a value that came from my mom, which is, if you're not early, you're late," Shetty says in the clip. "So to me, being on time is really important. I've married someone who is rarely on time, and I'm venting about her now on this show. And it's really interesting because, for years, I literally felt like my wife didn't care or value me because she wasn't on time. So not only am I judging her off of just one metric, you're not on time, that means you don't love me. She was trying to get earlier, but I realized it would ruin our night."

Shetty, a former monk, would go on to say that he would be "so angry" with his wife for not being on time. But he then realized her not being punctual makes her  "spontaneous" and "vibrant" which are two things he likes about his wife."

"And so I realized that, actually, if I wanted my wife to be more like me, I would be stripping her away of the best qualities that I love about her," Shetty continued. "And same with me. She never complains that I'm always on time or that I always have to be on time, because she loves that I'm organized and focused and driven and everything else that I am. So I think recognizing that sometimes the things you don't like about your partner are because of the things you love about them, and you start to realize, I have to accept both sides."

Shetty, 35, recently announced that he's touring around the world to promote his book, 8 Rules of Love. The tour will begin on Feb. 21, 2023, in Philadelphia and will end on May 29 in Spain. He also has a podcast called On Purpose, and the featured guests that have been on the podcast are Alicia Keys, Khloe Kardashian and the late Kobe Bryant. Shetty's episode of Red Table Talk will premiere on Facebook Watch Monday (Dec. 12) at 12 p.m. ET.