'Ragnorok' Season 2 Trailer Released by Netflix

The trailer for Ragnarok Season 2 is here just a few weeks ahead of the Netflix original series [...]

The trailer for Ragnarok Season 2 is here just a few weeks ahead of the Netflix original series big premiere. Ragnarok is a Norwegian-language fantasy series that reached an international audience in January of 2020 when it first premiered. Now it looks like the Norse mythology-inspired drama is heating up even more.

The Ragnarok Season 2 trailer is just one minute long, but it packs enough excitement in to set the scene. It shows the battle between reincarnated gods heating up on all fronts, and even offers a glimpse of a war hammer — presumably a version of Mjölnir in the hands of Magne, who is the reincarnation of Thor, played by David Stakston. Most importantly, it gave us the release date for Season 2: Thursday, May 27.

Ragnarok is set in modern-day Norway and tells the story of ordinary people discovering that they have the power of Nordic gods described in mythology. It centers around Magne learning that he is Thor reincarnated as he tries to take on the Jutul family — a wealthy family polluting the local ecosystem with their industrial practices. He also uncovers that the Jutuls are actually mythical Jötunn in disguise.

Season 2 will pick up after a cliffhanger, and the trailer suggests that the epic battle between Magne and Vidar (Gísli Örn Garðarsson) is not over yet. It will also likely flesh out its characters more while building their similarities to the gods they are reincarnations of, while perhaps introducing new gods from the pantheon — either as new or existing characters.

Naturally, Ragnarok draws a lot of comparisons to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where fantastical elements based on Norse mythology have become common thanks to Thor (Chris Hemsworth.) However, the rising interest in Norse mythology today goes much further in other forms of media. Netflix has invested heavily in more productions from Norway, according to a report by Deadline, which published a statement by the EMEA executive Lina Brouneus.

"Now is the time for us to get even closer to our members, the creators, filmmakers, partners and cultural communities throughout the Nordics – which is why I'm excited to announce that in the second half of this year we're opening a Nordic office in Stockholm that will function as a hub for the region," she wrote. "To further support the region and to reflect the diversity of talent we work with, we will also have a small team of Netflix employees based in a satellite office in Copenhagen. By the end of this year nearly seventy original titles coming from the Nordics will be available on Netflix – films and series that have been enjoyed by the four million-plus members across the region as well as our members right around the world. In fact, almost two-thirds of our members globally have chosen to watch a Nordic original film or series – made in the Nordics, watched by the world."

Ragnarok Season 2 hits Netflix on Thursday, May 27. The first season is streaming there now.