Quibi's Mobile-Only Format Getting Backlash on Day 1 of Streaming Service's Launch

Quibi's mobile-only streaming format is already getting some backlash on Day 1 of its launch, with many users not happy that the shows are not available on other devices. Having just debuted at midnight on April 6, Quibi series all contain episodes that are 10 minutes or shorter, and are exclusively made to be viewed on a phone.

Variety reports that this is not going over well with some streamers, however, with one tweeting, "I was excited about this platform and then I read it's only to be viewed on your phone? Is this s— for real? I don't even want it for free now. What a waste. Reminds me of when I'd watch shows on my ipod. So backward." Another added, "It would be wise to allow TV or else playback via HDMI. It's a shame to be limited by the size of the phone screen." Someone else commented, "Like what the hell are you thinking? Adapt the business model and allow web access during the pandemic."

"Just saw an ad from them, it preempted a YouTube video and I was infuriated by the as alone. Can't imagine how the service runs, and won't ever use it," one other Twitter user said.

"Anyone else downloaded Quibi? All of the shows are in portrait mode and its super bothering me. I don't get this way with TikTok but maybe because these are longer form?" a fifth user asked.


Among the show offered by Quibi at launch-time are drama shows Survive — starring Sophie Turner and Corey Hawkins — and Most Dangerous Game, starring Liam Hemsworth and Christoph Waltz.

There are also reality shows like the reboot of Punk'd with Chance the Rapper as host, and Chrissy's Court, which features Chrissy Teigen as a courtroom judge. Quibi is currently offering U.S. residents a 90-day free trial subscription.