Paramount+ Will Debut New Reality Series Every Month in 2021

On Wednesday, ViacomCBS held a presentation to announce several of the new aspects of its new streaming service, Paramount+, which will launch on March 4 (new users will be able to get a free trial of the service here). In addition to sharing the bevy of existing content available on the service, they also announced that there would be several new shows added. In particular, Bob Bakish, ViacomCBS' CEO, announced that there would be a new reality show added to the service every month in 2021 after it officially launches.

There are plenty of exciting reality shows that will be debuting on Paramount+ throughout 2021. It was previously announced that there would be a reunion of the cast of the Real World Season 1, which will be entitled, The Real World Homecoming: New York. This reunion series will launch on March 4, the same day that Paramount+ launches. Additionally, it was also announced that there would be shows such as The Challenge: All Stars, which will see 22 competitors from the Real World and Road Rules franchise returning to the competition in order to win the grand prize.

"All have history, but when relationships are the key to survival, will these legends be able to form new bonds or will their past lead to their demise?" the logline for the series asked, as Us Weekly reported. "With $500,0000 and their legacies on the line, which of these All Stars will prove they are still the best of the best?" One of the competitors who will appear on the new series, Mark Long, originally pitched an "OG" version of The Challenge on Twitter in June 2020. This concept eventually became The Challenge: All Stars and will feature former competitors such as Trishelle Cannatella, Beth Stolarczyk, and Syrus Yarbrough. His message quickly drew plenty of attention from fans and he subsequently pitched the concept to production company Bunim & Murray.


"I want to take it back to where it was fun. It was light-hearted but still competitive," Long told Us Weekly back in July. "Is there some drama? I'm sure there will be but what I think will be super special about something like this is being able to almost capture the Where Are They Now? type of feel like when they introduce characters on the first episode. Let's dig in. Let's see what they've been up to the first the last five, 10, 20 years." Disclosure: PopCulture is owned by CBS Interactive, a division of ViacomCBS.