'Never Have I Ever' Star Jaren Lewison Talks Ben's 'Love Triangle' With Devi and Paxton Ahead of Netflix Hit's Season 2 (Exclusive)

The Never Have I Ever love triangle is heating up as Season 2 hits Netflix Thursday, July 15, following Devi while she explores her feelings for both Paxton and Ben before she has to move to India. Jaren Lewison, who portrays Devi's academic nemesis turned love interest, opened up to PopCulture about Team Ben vs. Team Paxton ahead of the new season, saying that without giving "too much away," the love triangle was "definitely going to be explored."

"I think that some people are going to be really excited and some people less so," he teased of how Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) will navigate her way through dating both his character and Paxton (Darren Barnet). "Obviously I'm a little bit biased because I portray Ben, but I think the connection they have is really strong," he added of why he's rooting for Ben and Devi as endgame. Pointing to their "interesting dynamic" and the development of their friendship, Lewison noted, "Ben was there with Devi's grieving and Devi was there for Ben's loneliness."

Stepping into the role of Ben in Season 1 of the Netflix series co-created by Mindy Kaling, Lewison didn't know a potential romance with Ramakrishnan's Devi "was the angle," but heard their storyline took on more of a romantic direction once the creators saw the connection develop between the two stars. It's clear the audience saw that same connection, as Devi and Ben's first kiss was nominated for Best Kiss at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

"When we ended up doing [the kiss scene], we kind of knew like this is how we should have felt," Lewison said of creating the iconic moment. "When you have this slow burn, it gets so exciting as an actor because you have so much going on and so much leading up to it."


This season, fans will "really [be] growing with Ben" through some "really high highs and really low lows," Lewison added. "I love the layers that they add on for Ben each season." In a potential Season 3, Lewison said he gets to dig in more with Ben's home life, which heavily features Kaling's The Office co-star Angela Kinsey as his mom. "I love the layers that they add on for Ben each season," Lewison said, adding, "I think it's always important to approach anything with sensitivity and honesty. …I think it's something we strive for with every take." Never Have I Ever Season 2 premieres on Netflix Thursday, July 15.