Netflix Reveals Miley Cyrus as a Pink-Haired Barbie for 'Black Mirror' Episode Promo

Netflix released another promo image for Black Mirror Season 5 this week, showing Miley Cyrus with pink hair and a vacant expression.

Cyrus posted the promotional image on Instagram, directing fans to Netflix for next week's release of the season. The picture shows Cyrus in a low-cut silver crop top with a matching skirt, which has huge sections of the thighs cut out to reveal as much skin as possible. Cyrus wears her hair in a pink bob in the shot, and her skin is airbrushed almost beyond recognition.

The picture is framed like a poster for a concert or TV special, with Cyrus' image imposed over a minimalist rendering of a crowd with their hands up. Around her in shaded pink cursive letter are the words "Sing Along with Ashley!" and "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too."

(Photo: Instagram @mileycyrus)

This last phrase is clearly important to the plot line of the episode, as Cyrus included "Ashley Too" as a hashtag in her post. In the trailer released by Netflix, we see Cyrus selling a miniature robot version of herself to fans, which she calls Ashley Too. The particulars of the bizarre technology are unclear, but at the end of the trailer the robot comes to its senses, snapping out of its automated dialogue.

"Ahh! Get that cable out of my a-!" it yells.

The episode seems to have dark themes as well, however, with music executives talking about "upping the dose" on Cyrus herself. The singer's pink hair is clearly a wig, with the her real blond locks out in one scene. From the sounds of it, she plays a character with a double life -- likely a play on her successful Disney Channel series Hannah Montana.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Cyrus said that it was even more personal than that, as she filmed her role for Black Mirror while her home in California burned in the Woolsey Fire. This made the lost character she plays on Black Mirror that much more real for her.

"Losing my home, losing that peace, was very unsettling. I didn't go back," Cyrus said. "I felt like my roots got ripped from under me. I was working on Black Mirror in South Africa.


The day I heard we lost our home, my scene was set at my house in Malibu. My character was having a panic attack, so needless to say the inspiration was there. Anne Sewitzky, the director, and I became very close, since going through all of this so far from home, she was really the only mother figure I had."

Black Mirror Season 5 hits Netflix on Wednesday, June 5.