Netflix's 'Our Planet': Everything We Know

Netflix's Super Bowl LIII spot was used to promote Our Planet, a new documentary series narrated [...]

Netflix's Super Bowl LIII spot was used to promote Our Planet, a new documentary series narrated by naturalist Sir David Attenborough. The series will be released worldwide on April 5, 2019.

The eight-part series was produced with Silverback Films, whose director Alastair Fothergill was behind Planet Earth and Blue Planet. Netflix previously released a minute-long trailer in November.

The World Wildlife Fund also joined in on the project, which was filmed over four years in 50 countries across every continent. More than 600 crew member spent 3,500 days filming to bring Netflix viewers a look at the Artic wilderness, the deepest parts of the oceans and the beautiful landscapes of South America and Africa. The crew used 4K cameras to capture the images.

"Our Planet will take viewers on a spectacular journey of discovery showcasing the beauty and fragility of our natural world," Attenborough said at the WWF's State of the Planet event in London last year. "Today we have become the greatest threat to the health of our home but there's still time for us to address the challenges we've created, if we act now. We need the world to pay attention. Our Planet brings together some of the world's best filmmakers and conservationists and I'm delighted to help bring this important story to millions of people worldwide."

"Our Planet is a phenomenal achievement by Alastair Fothergill, Keith Scholey and all at Silverback Productions, and a spectacular voyage of discovery around the world," Lisa Nishimura, Vice President of Netflix Original Documentaries, said in a statement. "We are delighted that Sir David Attenborough will voice the series and that Netflix, as a global platform, is able to bring this vital and magical series to an audience of over 190 countries worldwide next year."

The series proved to be controversial in the U.K., since the BBC produced Planet Earth, which Attenborough has narrated in the past. BBC insiders told The Mirror that they feel it is a copy of Planet Earth, which is made by the BBC's Natural History Unit.

"They've nicked the filming techniques, the stories, even the title from us, not to mention the presenter. And it's been made by an ex-BBC producer who still makes natural history programmes for the BBC. There is nothing in any way original about this series," a source within the unit told The Mirror. "The only difference is they used 600 crew for work we'd have done with around 60. Sir David will always be part of the BBC. This is not the end of the relationship with him. We've just lent him to Netflix."

Coincidentally, episodes of Planet Earth, Blue Planet and other BBC Earth programs are available to stream on Netflix.

Photo credit: Netflix