Netflix's Newest Animated Comedy Dominates Global Viewership for Fifth Week in a Row

Netflix's newest animated comedy is dominating the streamer's global viewership, landing in the Top 10 for the fifth week in a row. According to Netflix's own Top 10 data, Back to the Outback — which stars the voice talents of Isla Fisher and Keith Urban, among others —is currently the No. 4 film on Netflix's worldwide chart. This marks the film's fifth week on the list, tied with The Unforgiven, and topped only by Red Notice. In the animated family movie, "a group of Australia's deadliest creatures [plot] a daring escape from thee zoo, after growing "tired of being locked in a reptile house where humans gawk at them like they're monsters." 

Back to the Outback features Fisher as Maddie, a blue Inland taipan, and Urban as Doug, a cane toad who lives in a school. Additional stars as well as Tim Minchin, Eric Bana, Guy Pearce, Miranda Tapsell, Angus Imrie, and Jacki Weaver. Fisher previously spoke exclusively with about the film, and said that it serves as a "love letter" to her native Australia. "I thought there was something so sweet about this motley crew of deadly creatures that are outcast by society, that go on this journey together," the actress said. "They all had such cute little individual personalities and the way they interacted was so funny and I thought it could just be something really special."

Fisher went on to share how the films story and her character have correlating elements. "It's just this idea that [Maddie] blossoms on the journey that everything she hates about herself is actually what makes her special and that's a great message. Because if you love yourself, you're going to be okay – and even if you're a little bit deadly, like in Maddie's case. So I love that little idea and also I love the fact that she developed into being such a fantastic leader and helping get everyone back to the outback and then really keeping everyone together."

The mother-of-three confessed that Maddie is a "complicated character," but added that the complexities are important to the story. "And her relationship with Pretty Boy develops into something quite serious when they realize that he's also feeling marginalized too. He's this superficial, Instagram star, koala bear, and he's also being stereotyped and being judged for the outside," she said. "Yet she hasn't taken the time to see the real him either and so she's guilty of the same thing, she feels like he's not really seeing who she is. He's just seeing her as ugly and I thought that scene was very well written actually and sensitive to that idea."