Watch What She Says After He Proposes on Netflix

Conor and Kamela have been together for almost six years, and the couple watched Netflix on their first date. So when Conor decided to propose, he called in the streaming service for a little help.

Conor worked with Netflix to set up a plan to surprise Kamela, orchestrating the moment around her current favorite Netflix series, Santa Clarita Diet.

Thinking she was part of a reality show, Kamela sat down with Conor to watch the show's stars, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant discuss a healthy marriage.

"They are the ultimate ride or die couple," Kamela says of the pair. "I thought we were."

During the "interview," Olyphant notes that marriage is all about "unconditional love."

"You need that," Barrymore adds, "because marriage can be messy."

Soon, the onscreen pair is joined by an onscreen Conor, who says he has a question for Kamela.

The real-life Conor then asks a shocked Kamela to stand up. "Shut up," she says. "Are you kidding me?"

Conor then explains to his girlfriend that they're not actually on a reality show before getting down on one knee.

"It's been awesome being your boyfriend," he says, "but if you're cool with it, I'd rather be your husband."

"Of course," an emotional Kamela replies before the couple embraces.

Onscreen, Barrymore and Olyphant congratulate the pair on their engagement as Kamela exclaims, "Drew Barrymore said my name!"


See the entire setup in the clip above.

Photo Credit: Twitter / @netflix