Netflix's Popular Mystery Thriller Series Reveals Part 2 Premiere Date for Season 1

Netflix has finally set a premiere date for Part 2 of its fan-favorite new mystery series Lupin — Friday, June 11. Netflix announced the release on Tuesday, four months after Part 1 of the show premiered there back in January. The new drop will give fans another five episodes to pick through with a fine-toothed comb.

Lupin is a French series that stars Omar Sy as vengeful investigator Assane Diop, bent on taking down the organized crime family that had framed his father and ultimately got him killed. The title refers to Assane's inspiration, "Arsène Lupin, Gentleman Burglar." Part 1 left off on a cliffhanger where Assane's son was had been kidnapped by the Pelligrini family. According to Netflix, the upcoming episodes show that "Assane's quest for revenge against Hubert Pelligrini has torn his family to pieces. With his back to the wall, he now has to think of a new plan, even if it means putting himself in danger."

Lupin was one of Netflix's breakout hits of January and of 2021 so far in general. The show was viewed by an estimated 70 million households in its first four weeks online, and it has a staggering 98 percent approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Many critics lauded Sy's performance as well as the artful direction.

Still, Lupin will have an uphill battle to fight against big summer blockbusters when it premieres in June — including many at Netflix itself. The streaming giant has three highly-anticipated DC Comics adaptations coming that month: Sweet Tooth on Friday, June 4, Elite on Friday, June 18 and Sex/Life on Friday, June 25. These will likely duke it out for the top spot on Netflix's in-house "Top 10" list all month long.

Meanwhile, movies may take center-stage this summer with a huge slate of new releases coming to both theaters and streaming services now that the COVID-19 vaccine is widely distributed. Warner Bros. will continue to release all of its new movies on HBO Max at no additional charge, and Marvel Studios has begun promoting its next big charge in theaters and at home.


Netflix needs to make a big impression this summer after falling short of its new subscriber goal in the first quarter of 2021. Another side effect of the loosening pandemic restrictions is the slowing rush for streaming services, and Netflix seemed to take the brunt of that impact this year. Hopefully, Lupin can keep up with the competition when it premieres on Netflix on Friday, June 11.