Netflix Fans React to 'Lady Dynamite' Cancellation

Netflix pulled the plug on Lady Dynamite after two seasons, and fans are not taking the cancellation well.

When news broke about the acclaimed comedy's cancellation on Saturday, loyal viewers took to Twitter to share their thoughts. The initial reaction was simple disappointment and irritation at Netflix for cancelling a show many saw as a bright spot in the streaming giant's catalog.

"Lady Dynamite is an absolute treasure," on fan wrote. "One of the funniest shows around, [and] Netflix are idiots to cancel it."

A common point of discussion was the relatability of star Maria Bamford. The series was a semi-autobiographical comedy based on Bamford's struggles with bipolar disorder and working in the entertainment business.

"I'm so sad to hear that Lady Dynamite has been cancelled," writer Emma Madden‏ wrote. "Maria Bamford's stories have been relatable to the point of life-saving and the way they were presented on that show was genius to the point of magic. I don't find much funny, especially not on TV, but just about every episode had me gasping for air and tightened my tummy and I'll miss that feeling."

Others pointed out the importance of having a female-led comedy on such a high-profile platform. The cancellation of Bamford's show was seen as a mistake by Netflix, which many rallying other networks to carry the torch for female-led projects.

"Did Netflix seriously release Bright and cancel Lady Dynamite in the same month?" comedian Emily Heller wrote. "Here's some free business advice for any networks that want to seem cool right now: MAKE WOMEN'S ART HAPPEN. How is that not obvious by now?"

Lady Dynamite joins other recently cancelled comedy series Love, Haters Back Off, and Girlboss.


Both seasons of Lady Dynamite are currently streaming on Netflix. Season one totals 12 episodes and focuses on Bamford returning to Los Angeles after undergoing bipolar disorder treatment. Season 2 totals a slimmer eight episodes and centered around Bamford dealing with a new relationship and a new job.

Photo credit: Netflix / Beth Dubber