Netflix Fyre Festival Documentary Viewers Are Freaking out Over 1 Insane Revelation

Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary has viewers freaking out over one particularly insane NSFW [...]

Netflix's Fyre Festival documentary has viewers freaking out over one particularly insane NSFW revelation.

In the documentary — titled FYRE: The Greatest Party That Never Happened — one of the top Fyre Fest organizers, Andy King, recalls a story where he very nearly performed a sexual act on a Bahamian official, after being asked to in desperation by Fyre Fest founder Billy McFarland.

Fans of the film have been going crazy over the startling confession and are taking to social media to comment on it.

"Just got to the point in the Netflix Fyre Fest doc where Andy is asked to s— the head of customs' d— so they can have the 4 18-wheelers of Evian water and I need to take a 5-minute breather and do a full lap around the house," one watcher tweeted.

"Currently watching the Fyre doc on Netflix and all I gotta say is WOW Andy was about to take one for the team and s— d— for some water!! This is wild!!" someone else commented.

"Uhmmm OMG so Billy, the con artist behind Fyre Festival, told his employee to prostitute himself and he was really about to do it bc they were desperate to get water out of customs?! This Netflix documentary about Fyre Festival.. I was NOT expecting that," another person said.

"One specific issue I had with Netflix's Fyre Fest doc: why did they disclose the name of the customs guy that one employee was sent to blow in return for the water shipment when the customs guy apparently never asked for anyone to blow him and just wanted them to pay taxes?" one other user questioned.

Ultimately, the act in question was not actually performed, as Andy — the Fyre Fest associate who tells the story — implies that the customs agent in questions never actually asked for this to happen. It is unclear why McFarland allegedly asked King to carry out the act.

McFarland has not responded to the allegation (or the Netflix documentary as a whole) as of press time.