Netflix Fans Point out 'Love Is Blind' Editing Error in Season 2 Scene

Out of all of the couples on Season 2 of the Netflix dating reality show experiment Love Is Blind, most viewers did not know what the end result would be for Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez. In the end, Perez said no, despite fans believing he'd be the one to solidify their union. For Perez, as many social media users felt, Zapata wasn't all in. More than anything, Zapata had conflicting feelings for another man she fell for in the pods. But still, Perez won viewers over with his romanticism. He wooed Zapata from the moment they heard one another's voices in the pods. But fans noticed one editing error during the season on one of the former couple's dates.

In episode eight, TikTok user [straightouttaperu] pointed out the editing mishap. In the scene, Perez made shrimp stir fry for a dinner date at home. As they sat together at the table with drinks and their food, the user noticed that the amount of stir fry on their plates changes mid-way through their intense conversation.


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In the video, the user says, "Her's is kinda half empty, but just wait." as they talk about where their relationship stands in the scene, the TikToker points to the plates as the shot cuts to a new angle. "Gone!" the social media user says. "Gone! His food is gone."

As the conversation goes on, the plates vary in food amounts. In a split second, the food is there, disappears, then appears again. "That was one fluid conversation," the TikToker said. "How did that even just happen?" It's a clear mistake on the editor's part. 

As for why Perez decided not to go through with the marriage, he said it was due to a lack of trust. "At the end of it all, I felt like we had a lot of arguments off camera, just private arguments off to ourselves," he told Extra. "And just seeing the way that we handled our challenges together, we just weren't working together, we weren't a team. And I feel like at the end of it all when I was there at the altar, [I asked] had we done enough to really take this leap together and trust each other…my heart just wasn't in it and I couldn't say yes."