Netflix's 'Cooking on High' Seemingly Canceled, Co-Host Hopes Show Gets Picked Up

Fans still cannot figure out for sure whether Netflix's Cooking on High was officially canceled, [...]

Fans still cannot figure out for sure whether Netflix's Cooking on High was officially canceled, but co-host Ngaio Bealum gave a new hint on Twitter. Last week, Bealum got into a friendly Twitter exchange with Stage 13, the production company behind the series. Bealum asked the company to do another season of the show, indicating that it is not in the works yet, but is not out of the question either.

"Good morning! Can I get one back?" wrote Bealum on Thursday morning. When the official Stage 13 account responded, Bealum wrote: "Good morning! Let's do another season of Cooking on High!" The Stage 13 account answered with four wide-eyed emojis, and fans shared their excitement for the idea. So far, nothing concrete has come of the exchange.

Cooking on High is a cooking competition show that premiered on Netflix in June of 2018. All the dishes on the show center around cannabis, with THC added for medicinal or recreational effects. Bealum was the show's resident cannabis expert, as an activist for cannabis legalization with some scientific knowledge of making the most out of cooking with the drug.

YouTuber Josh Leyva joined Bealum as co-host of the show. They brought on professional chefs who were used to working with cannabis in their dishes, as well as medical marijuana educators. Celebrity guest judges were brought in as well to taste the results.

All in all, Cooking on High got generally poor reviews in its one season on Netflix. A write-up in The Washington Post called it "the worst food show on Netflix" but notably praised Bealum's performance as the highlight of the series. He was described as "the one redeeming quality" of the whole production.

Netflix has relied on the limited series model before, but it was never explicitly clear whether Cooking on High was meant to follow this template. The show was never renewed or canceled, but left in limbo, as other productions at the streaming service have been before. However, fans felt relatively confident that Cooking on High was gone for good when a new show, Cooked with Cannabis, was released earlier this year.

Cooked with Cannabis premiered in April of 2020, with hosts Leather Storrs and Kelis. Again, the idea is to host a cooking competition where cannabis is the essential ingredient of every dish. Here, both fans and reviewers seemed to like how the format was a closer parody of the usual cooking competition shows, but reviews were still mixed. Sadly, Bealum and the others did not crossover into this new terrain.