Netflix Christmas Show Officially Canceled

Netflix's beloved Christmas romance Dash & Lily will, unfortunately, not be returning for another season. In October, it was reported that Dash & Lily would not be returning for a second season on the streaming service. The first and, now, only season of the show premiered in November 2020

TV Line reported that Netflix decided not to move forward with another season of the series. The show starred Austin Abrams and Midori Francis as the titular Dash and Lily pair. The two teens communicated with one another by exchanging messages and dares in a notebook. Dash & Lily took place in New York City and showcased that background up close and personal during the now series finale of the series, which featured the duo finally exchanging a kiss at the iconic Strand bookstore. 

Dash & Lily was based on a young adult book series titled Dash & Lily's Book of Dares published by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. Before it was announced that the show was canceled, the cast and crew did express their interest in producing another season. Shortly after the show premiered in November 2020, series creator Joe Tracz told TV Line that they envisioned a future of Dash & Lily given that both Levithan and Cohn were in the midst of expanding the YA series with another novel,

"I would love to be able to go back and do the second book and third book [in Cohn and Levithan's series]," Tracz said at the time. "The third book was actually written on set. David and Rachel would visit the set, and they'd be working on their chapters for the third book. I love these characters so much and the city that they live in. Knowing that there is more story to be told, those are stories I'd love to tell."


Although, in the months following Dash & Lily's release, it seemed that the show was facing cancellation. During a conversation with Collider, published in August, producer Shawn Levy compared the show with another that he produced, I Am Not Okay With This. While I Am Not Okay With This was originally renewed for Season 2, the decision was reversed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Levy highlighted the fact that Dash & Lily sparked awards attention, but it didn't seem to be enough to garner a second season. He said, "We made the show we wanted. Not enough people watched and it is a cruel metric in the age of the streaming wars. And sometimes, if you don't get the eyeballs, you don't get to make more of the thing. That's what happened there."