'Greenhouse Academy' Canceled at Netflix After 4 Seasons

Netflix has pulled the plug on Greenhouse Academy. The series, which was set at an elite boarding school, had released Season 4 earlier in 2020, and according to The Sun, it won't be returning for Season 5.

The series co-starred Cinthya Carmona as Sophie Cardona, who said Netflix didn't "have any plans to continue to film Greenhouse Academy." Despite the news, she made it clear she loved her time on the short-lived series. "We did four seasons of it, and I was so fortunate to be able to be on it from day one. Greenhouse is the first series that I got to be part of from the very, very beginning. [I helped] really set the tone for everything, and that's a memory and a milestone in my career that I cherish so much." Executive Producer Orly Atlas-Katz also confirmed the news to the outlet, though the streamer did not.

Greenhouse Academy was based on the Israeli TV series The Greenhouse and followed siblings Hayley (Ariel Mortman) and Alex Woods (Finn Roberts) as they navigated mysteries and social cliques alike. Both the original and adaptation were created by Giora Chamizer, with Paula Yoo helping to adapt the series for Netflix and its international audience.

Despite the show's abrupt end, a number of the show's sprawling storylines managed to end with some closure. Of course, there were a few cliffhangers that remained, including Jason, an escaped fugitive who evaded both a hospital and the FBI custody, eventually revealing his dual personality, which teased him possibly being the show's next big bad.


Netflix, which has canceled a few shows of late, also stopped its plans to produce the Turkish series If Only after the government of Turkey told the streamer that they demanded a gay character be written out entirely. Even though Netflix could have made the requested changes, and hasn't been above modifying its content in the past, the company decided to scrap the project entirely. Turkey is still expected to be home to future Netflix productions; the decision was viewed as the company taking a stand against censorship and standing in support of the LGBTQ community.

The streamer did recently debut the erotic thriller Dark Desires, a Mexican-produced drama that was widely compared to the Polish erotic thriller 365 DNI. Just days after premiering on the platform, it too managed to strike quite a chord with audiences.