Netflix 'Buries' Kevin Spacey's 'House of Cards' Character Frank Underwood in South Carolina Cemetery

Netflix has laid House of Cards’ former sitting President Frank Underwood to rest in his [...]

Netflix has laid House of Cards' former sitting President Frank Underwood to rest in his hometown of Gaffney, South Carolina.

According to local newspaper The Gaffney Ledger, the Netflix original series character has been given a final resting place at the Oakland Cemetery, complete with a new gravestone for the fictional 46th president. His father, Calvin, also has a gravestone at the cemetery.

"They [Netflix] first wanted to know if we had a good cemetery that had the appearance of the series trailer," Gaffney marketing director LeighAnn Snuggs told the outlet of how the peculiar arrangement came to be.

After informing Netflix of several possibilities, Snuggs eventually settled on the Oakland cemetery, choosing a plot off the beaten path to avoid disturbing other plots. The headstones, made in Georgia, were placed on Nov. 2, the same day the show's sixth and final season dropped. A photo of the headstone was posted on the town's Facebook page and garnered thousands of views.

(Photo: Facebook / @Get2GaffneySC)

A fake obituary for President Frank Underwood also ran in The Gaffney Ledger the same day, commemorating the fictional president's life.

"Francis J. Underwood, the 46th president of the United States-a polarizing figure who resigned in March of 2017-died at the age of 58," it reads. "A graduate of The Sentinel and Harvard Law School, he will be remembered as a lifelong patriot who would stop at nothing to serve his country."

"He has been laid to rest beside his father at Oakland Cemetery in his hometown of Gaffney, South Carolina. He is survived by his wife, President Claire H. Underwood, and no children," the fictional obituary concludes.

Frank Underwood passed away off-screen between House of Cards' season five finale and its season six premiere, with his wife, Claire Underwood, stating early in the season that he died beside her, peacefully in his sleep. In the series finale, it was revealed that he had actually been murdered by his right-hand-man, Douglas Stamper, who was likewise killed by Claire.

Netflix made the decision to kill off President Frank Underwood following sexual misconduct allegations brought against Kevin Spacey last year, including several accusations from people who worked on House of Cards. The streaming giant later announced that it would no longer be "involved with any further production of House of Cards that includes Kevin Spacey," leading to the eventual reveal that the lead role of Commander-in-Chief was being shifted to Robin Wright's Claire Underwood.

All seasons of House of Cards are available for streaming on Netflix.