Netflix's 'Bird Box' Ending Explained

Bird Box has been taking over Netflix's users' feeds, and there have been tons of conversations sparked as a result.

Some of the discussions have been about the movie's ending, which sees lead character Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock) reach a new locale with children, Boy (Julian Edwards) and Girl (Vivien Lyra Blair) after a treacherous journey.

Spoilers ahead for Bird Box.

The last act of the film sees the flashbacks catch up to the current timeline. Malorie, her son Boy and Girl, who is the daughter of Olympia (Danielle MacDonald), are traveling down the river after Tom (Trevante Rhodes) sacrifices himself so they can escape an attack from deranged survivors.

After a long journey, the trio reaches the rapids section of the river, which is said to be just before the settlement ran by Rick (Pruitt Taylor Vince). Rick instructed the family via radio that one person will have to look at the river in order to navigate, meaning that one person will likely die due to the creatures' influence.

However, Malorie refuses to sacrifice herself, Boy or Girl. They hit the rapids totally blindfolded, with the boat eventually crashing. Malorie eventually finds Boy and Girl using call-and-response techniques.

The three survivors then follow the sounds of birds in order to find Rick's settlement. Along the way, the creatures tempt them. Malorie hears the voice of Tom (whose death is not 100 percent known to Malorie), but resists the urge to look for him. The children hear Malorie's voice telling them to take their blindfolds off, but the real Malorie is able to convince them to stay blinded.

As the creatures begin to overwhelm the trio, they find Rick's sanctuary and are ushered inside.

Rick's settlement is shown to be a school for the blind. Both blind and non-blind people live there in harmony, with the blind immune to the creatures' powers.

Flocks of birds also live at the school and serve as a alarm system to those who are not blind when creatures are near. Malorie, Boy and Girl decide to release the birds in their self-made "bird box" to be among the others, signaling that they are finally in a safe place.

Malorie is also welcomed by Dr. Lapham (Parminder Nagra), the doctor she sees at the beginning of the film. Malorie introduces the doctor to Boy and Girl but gives them actual names: Tom and Olympia. She also identifies herself as their mother, showing her acceptance of motherhood after her hesitance to identify herself as as a mother throughout the film.

The final moments show the children running off to play with other kids for the first time as Malorie looks up and the birds and smiles.


Bird Box is now streaming on Netflix.

Photo Credit: Netflix