'My Super Sweet 16,' 'Daria' Coming to Hulu

Hulu has snatched up two MTV favorites as a part of a lucrative streaming deal with Viacom.

As Deadline reports, the service has secured the streaming rights to reality series My Super Sweet 16 and animated sitcom Daria, as well as numerous Viacom properties. Every episode of both series will be available on the service at an undisclosed date.

My Super Sweet 16 was a staple of MTV's reality lineup in the later half of the 2000s, as it ran for nine season between 2005 and 2008. The show was then revived for a 10th season in 2017, bringing the show's entire episode count to 94.

Two scripted films based on the show, Super Sweet 16: The Movie and My Super Psycho Sweet 16, were also produced, but it is unclear if they are included in the deal.

Daria, which began as a Beavis and Butt-Head spinoff, is one of MTV's most beloved '90s properties. The animated series centered around Daria Morgendorffer (Tracy Grandstaff), a witty and cynical high schooler in the '90s. The series a ran for 70 episodes over five seasons. Two movies based on the series, Is It Fall Yet? and is Is It College Yet?, were also produced.

MTV Studios is also shopping around a potential Daria reboot, but that series is presumably not a part of this deal.

Hulu also picked up several other Viacom-owned properties in the deal, including Comedy Central's Nathan For You and BET's The New Edition Story.

The largest chunk of new properties picked up by the service come in the form of several Nickelodeon series. Seven of the network's live-action kids shows are coming to Hulu: Big Time Rush, School of Rock, Make It Pop, Hunter Street, Every Witch Way, WITS Academy and Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn.

Hulu also acquired streaming right for three animated Nickelodeon shows based on beloved franchises: Alvinnnn!!! and the Chipmunks, Kung Fu Panda and Penguins of Madagascar.

On top of those show acquisitions, 20 unspecified Nickelodeon movies will make their way to Hulu at some point.

This push for these Viacom programming apparently plays into Hulu's strategy to increase content intended for "the whole family."


"The new deal is part of Hulu's commitment to expanding its library with programming for the whole family," Hulu said in a statement. "More series and films from Nickelodeon will continue to roll out throughout the year."

No release dates have been announced at this time.