Mo'Nique Demands Netflix Boycott Over Gender and Color Bias

Mo'Nique has started a boycott of Netflix after she felt discriminated against during a contract negotaiation.

The comedian, who won an Academy Award for Precious, claimed she was meeting with Netflix about producing a possible standup special but was not offered payment akin to fellow comedians Amy Schumer, Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle.

While negotiating the contract, Mo'Nique says she was offered $500,000. She pointed out that paled in comparison to Amy Shumer's recent deal with the streaming giant.

Schumer reportedly agreed to a $11 million contract with Netflix but went back and requested a pay bump after learning Rock and Chappelle earned $20 million for their deals.

Mo'Nique brought this up to the execs, but she was not met with an increased offer.

"Well, we believe that's what Mo'Nique would bring," a Netflix exec allegedly told her.


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The actress then reminded them of her résumé of accomplishments in the industry, to which the exec reportedly replied "We don't go off of resumes."

However, Mo'Nique says the company then cited several items on Schumer's résumé, such as Madison Square Garden shows and hit movies.

"Is that not Amy Schumer's résumé?" she replied.

The Netflix reps apparently acknowledged that the Parkers alum was a "legend" but still would not budge.

"Then why shouldn't I get what the legends are getting?" she asked.

She then took to Instagram to drum up support for a boycott of the service due to what she thinks was gender and color bias against her.

"I am asking that should stand with me and boycott Netflix for gender bias and color bias," Mo'Nique said.


Netflix has not commented on the alleged pay dispute, as they typically do not comment on contract negotiations.