'Love Is Blind': How Iyanna Really Felt About Watching Jarrett and Mallory's Conversation

Iyanna and Jarrette turned out to be just two of the five couples to say yes on their wedding day in Season 2 of Netflix's Love is Blind. But had another co-star said yes to Jarrett's proposal, they may not be here. Viewers remember Jarrette's emotional reaction to Mallory declining his proposal, citing a deeper connection with Salvador. Jarrette's pain was palpable. He cried until his eyes were bloodshot. The following day, he told Iyanna about what happened, though he said his feelings for her were strong. But Iyanna feared she was his second choice. Despite such, she accepted Jarrette's proposal.

Once all of the couples met each other in person for the first time, it was clear Jarrette and Mallory had unresolved feelings. Though Jarrette said he was confident in his choice in Iyanna, he couldn't deny his attraction to Mallory. The two joked, called one another pet names, and Jarrette even asked if Mallory liked the silver engagement ring Salvador picked out for her. She admitted the ring wasn't her style, preferring gold, which Jarrette said he knew because he asked. 

At the reunion, both Jarrette and Mallory admitted the conversation wasn't handled properly and said it was awkward to see one another at that moment. Jarrette said it was "inappropriate" and the conversation "could have been tailored differently." Iyanna agreed. And in a recent interview, she expanded upon those feelings.

"I vaguely knew about the conversation beforehand, but then to actually see it — it was like reliving all the emotions that came with that all over again," Iyanna told BuzzFeed. "But then, at the same time, I reminded myself that so much time has passed since then. We've been married for a while — at least long enough for us to establish ourselves and for him to show that he's not a fool."

And moving on is exactly what they've done. Two days after their wedding, Iyanna moved into Jarrette's place. Though on the show, Jarrette was adamant about having children right away, they've since changed their timeline. Children are still part of their plan, but they want to continue to plant roots, date one another, and figure out a permanent home as Jarrette has lived in Chicago his whole life and Iyanna is new to the area.


"The first thing on our agenda is to travel because we had talked about that in the pod so much, about how we just wanted to travel the world before we settle down again, having children," Jarrette told PEOPLE Magazine. "Just so we can be out as a married couple with no strings attached, no bars and just be ourselves and enjoy our time together."

Another thing they've had to learn was how to balance their extroverted vs. introverted personalities. Jarrette is much more social and prone to go out, while Iyanna prefers to stay in. Ironically, they say they've reversed roles. Iyanna finds herself willing to accompany Jarrette on outings with his friends. Jarrette on the other hand has no problem cuddling at home. It's been all about compromise.