'Looney Tunes Cartoons' Finally Bringing Back 2 More Beloved Characters

Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 3 premieres this week, and with it comes the return of two fan-favorite characters: Hubie and Bertie. The two mischievous mice were featured in an exclusive preview published by PopCulture.com's sister site Comicbook.com titled "Fram the Feline." The obscure characters are finally getting more time to shine after years in the background.

The new clip shows Hubie and Bertie working together to try to get to some cheese in a small store, but a yellow cat is carefully guarding the stash. The mice work together to trick not just the cat, but also the human store owner into clearing the path. This is classic slapstick for Hubie and Bertie going back to their first appearance over half a century ago. Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 3 premieres on Thursday, Nov. 25 on HBO Max.

"In these nine new episodes, the mischievous mouse duo Hubie and Bertie star in their first Looney Tunes Cartoons dedicated short where they risk it all to break into a cheese shop," the official season description reads. "Also in store, Sylvester crashes Tweety's birthday party while Daffy the Caveduck and Prehistoric Porky have a Stone Age adventure. Back in modern times, Petunia Pig tries her hoof at gardening and Marvin the Martian has finally conquered Earth... except no one bothered to tell Bugs. These and more Looney misadventures are in store on Thanksgiving Day-You don't want to miss it!"

Hubie and Bertie were featured in Looney Tunes Cartoons Season 1 back in 2020, in the season finale titled "Happy Birthday Bugs Bunny!" That was just a cameo, however, while this new clip seems to tease a full-on featurette for the characters.

Hubie and Bertie made their debut back in 1943 and showed up a few more times in various Looney Tunes productions in the decade that followed. They were distinguished from other characters by their vindictive senses of humor. They fell into relative obscurity after the 1950s and missed a few chances to make a major comeback, including a scrapped scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. They were the announcers at the climactic basketball game in Space Jam, but even that did not seem to put them back on the map.


Looney Tunes Cartoons is streaming now on HBO Max, along with a huge catalog of other Looney Tunes productions. The new season premieres on Thursday, Nov. 25.