Listen to Bowen Yang, Jane Lynch and All-Star Cast Plan Their 'Hot White Heist' in Exclusive Podcast Clip

Bowen Yang, Jane Lynch, and a host of other A-listers are planning the "stickiest heist in history" in the new Audible Original podcast, Hot White Heist. Ahead of the comedy podcast's Thursday, June 17 premiere on the online audiobook and podcast service, PopCulture is sharing an exclusive audio clip from "the first and only podcast about a sperm bank heist."

Created, written, and produced by Adam Goldman (The Outs), Hot White Heist stars Yang as Jude "Judy" Fink and Lynch as Brenda alongside an A-list roster of queer performers, including Cynthia Nixon, MJ Rodriguez, Bianca Del Rio and more. In the exclusive clip below, Brenda introduces the crew of misfits to Judy, who reveals their plot for the "stickiest heist in history": raiding a sperm bank to help a lesbian cult finance a top-secret project. Located in a hidden bunker beneath Seattle's Space Needle, the USSR (United States Seed Registry) contains specimens from some of America's brightest minds – former President Barack Obama, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, renowned physicist Stephen Hawking – which have been stored by the United States government in case of global catastrophe.


· Hot White Heist Ep 1 Clip ft Bowen Yang, Margaret Cho, Jane Lynch, Stephanie Beatriz, Cynthia Nixon

The six-part audio series has been dubbed a "very broad, funny" story by Yang. Goldman created the series while "bemoaning the lack of representation and the lack of queer characters in popular genres." The idea was first sparked in a 2018 tweet, in which Goldman wrote, "My kingdom for a queer heist movie." He later added, "And NO, they're NOT robbing a sperm bank, OKAY." He told Forbes that while the idea seemed bizarre at first, "The more I thought about that, I thought, 'Wait, that's actually quite funny…' It was really just about taking a genre that people know and love and putting a fun, weird twist on it."

The series was brought to life via an all-queer cast voicing queer characters. Along with Yang voicing Jude "Judy" Fink, Lynch voices Brenda, Rodriguez voices Eve, and del Rio voices Toby. The ensemble cast also includes Cynthia Nixon as Kate, Shannon Woodward as Jack, Cheyenne Jackson as Ben, Abbi Jacobson as Sam, Margaret Cho as Violet, Stephanie Beatriz as Holly, Jonathan Bailey as Eddie, John Cameron Mitchell as Orlov, Brian McCook as Katya Zamolodchikova, Peppermint as Camilla Toe Alan Cumming as Sass, and Tony Kushner as himself.


Hot White Heist is produced by Broadway Video, Club Cumming Productions, and Goldman. Cumming serves as director and producer. All six half-hour episodes of Hot White Heist premiere on Audible on Thursday, June 17.