Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Archie Yates Talk 'Heart" and 'Message' of New Apple TV+ Series 'Wolfboy and the Everything Factory' (Exclusive)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Archie Yates both lend their voices to the new Apple TV+ series Wolfboy and the Everything Factory, a wonderful animated series that both actors feel has a lot of "heart" and an important "message." Yates, who will next star in the Disney+ reboot of Home Alone, voices Sprout, a young spryte from a magical land known as the Everything Factory. Gordon-Levitt gives life to Luxcraft, a bearded wizard who gives guidance to the sprytes and their new friend Wolfboy. 

Speaking exclusively with, Yates shared that his "favorite part about Sprout" is "the message that Sprout gets out to people, which is don't let your fears control you, otherwise, they'll make your life miserable." The young actor added, "That's actually very important to me as a person because I stress a lot about things like school and other things unnecessarily. So Sprout really helped me realize that."

For Gordon-Levitt, who is a father of two, he feels the show offers something that a lot of other cartoons can't. "I find that a lot of shows that are out there for kids now, they're sort of hyper-stimulating, but they don't necessarily have as much heart or a moral to the story," he told PopCulture, "and Wolfboy really does." The Inception actor added, "It is a sincere story about creativity and being yourself. I intend to show my kids all the episodes, and I don't let them watch everything."

In addition to being a voice actor on the show, Gordon-Levitt is also an executive producer of the series and, during his chat with PopCulture, shared how the show came to be and what led him to get involved. "Wolfboy and the Everything Factory started in the mind of this artist named Toff Mazery, who's someone I've known for a really long time ever since he joined HitRecord," Gordon-Levitt said. HitRecord is a massive online and real-life community "all about creativity and collaboration" which Gordon-Levitt "started years ago."

"Toff has been just this wonderful artist in our community for years making these beautiful animations and illustrations," Gordon-Levitt continued. "He's such a great writer that I came to him and I said, 'Hey, if you could do anything at all, what would you do?' What he came up with is Wolfboy and the Everything Factory. So I am so, so proud of Toff, and it's just been such a pleasure getting to support him and, and bring his vision to life."


Finally, in addition to the important message of the series, Yates shared that he got a lot of "satisfaction" from seeing himself "immortalized as a cartoon character." When asked if his friends were jealous that he achieved such a big honor, he revealed that most of his classmates and friends didn't yet know about his new role. "I do intend to tell some soon," he said, to which Gordon-Levitt wisely replied, "If they're good friends, they won't be jealous." All 10 episodes of Wolfboy and the Everything Factory Season 1 are now streaming on Apple TV+.