JoJo Siwa Takes XOMG POP! to Summer Camp in Exclusive Clip of 'JoJo Goes' Season Finale

JoJo Siwa is making sure that her pop group doesn't miss out on being a kid. obtained an exclusive clip of the season finale of the Facebook Watch show JoJo Goes, and Siwa is seen with  XOMG Pop! at summer camp. One of the activities Siwa and the kids do and race go-karts, and while some kids had fun, others weren't sure what to do. 

"Growing up as a worldwide superstar has kept JoJo Siwa's schedule full and that means she has never been to a Summer Camp," the official description states. "Now, JoJo is working with up-and-comers XOMG Pop! who are quickly rising to stardom and following the same path JoJo knows very well. JoJo wants to make sure they don't miss out on core childhood experiences like she did – so it's time to board the bus... to summer camp!

XOMG Pop! Was formed by Siwa and her mother Jessalyn on the 17th season of America's Got Talent. When speaking with Billboard earlier this year, Siwa talked about watching the group have success on the show. "I was so proud of those kiddos!" she said. "They are so talented, but also so hard-working, and they're so funny. I mean, I get a text from at least two of them every day, which will be some random video or very out-of-nowhere joke. It always just makes my heart so happy, they have the cutest little minds ever. I swear, every day I'm with them, it's like, 'God, I wish I had that energy.'"

Siwa also talked about how she has now become a mentor for younger artists. "You know what, it's really great. What I love about doing the girl group is that I never had somebody for me to look up to and be like, 'Oh, thank you for being my mentor,'" Siwa explained. "But with these kids, I'm able to help them and guide them and give them advice, but still giving space and allowing them to be themselves and just offering my advice when they need it." The season finale of JoJo Goes will premiere on Facebook Watch and Siwa's Facebook page on Thursday at noon ET.