'Johnny Test' Reboot Coming to Netflix, Watch the Trailer

Johnny Test, the hit animated series, is getting new life thanks to Netflix. The show aired for six seasons between 2005 and 2014, with The WB/The CW airing Seasons 1-3 and Cartoon Network airing Season 4-6. Now, Netflix is revamping the show for a whole new season of episodes, out July 16. To hype up the release, the streaming giant released the first trailer for the reboot, which you can watch below.

As fans will see, it doesn't seem like Netflix is changing too much about the show fans grew up with. The animated style is a bit different, but the wacky adventures of Johnny, his dog Dukey and his twin sisters, Susan and Mary, are fully intact. Plus, there seem to be fun twists added into the tried-and-true format. There's a device called the GPS-scape that can send the gang around the globe, and there is a robot baby introduced to the Test family (although it might just be for a one-off episode).

Netflix's official synopsis reads, "How much trouble could one imaginative boy, his faithful dog and two science-loving sisters possibly get into? Hmm, that sounds like a challenge! Johnny Test is beaming to Netflix July 16!" It's worth noting that some are not seeing this as a hard reboot of Johnny Test, but rather a proper Season 7. However, Netflix itself is calling this an entirely new series. The original 117 Johnny Test episodes are available on the platform already, but this 2021 iteration is a separate title, with the new episodes being called Season 1.


This season won't be the last fans see of Johnny and Dukey, either. According to Kidscreen, there is already a second season on the way, as well as an interactive special. No release dates for those additional episodes have been released. Johnny Test is notably not the only Cartoon Network show getting a relaunch via a streaming service. Adventure Time is currently in the midst of releasing a series of special to HBO Max. HBO Max also serves as the new home for Infinity Train and Summer Camp Island and has greenlit new Total Drama Island episodes, three Ben 10 specials and an Amazing World of Gumball movie.