'Insatiable' Season 2 Trailer: Debby Ryan Returns in Controversial Netflix Series

Insatiable Season 2 is coming to Netflix next month, and the trailer just dropped. On Monday, Netflix treated fans to a look at Insatiable Season 2, in all of its frank, understated glory. This time around, the show has jumped straight past body image issues to a full-on murder mystery.

Insatiable is one of Netflix's most noteworthy up-and-coming shows. After rocky launch and a lauded second season, the series is back and stranger than ever. The two-minute trailer takes fans on a journey all by itself, showing just how out of hand this next installment might get.

"I'm Patty Bladell, and I'm not your typical pageant queen," Patty (Debby Ryan) announces to kick the trailer off. In a moment, it goes from a pristine pageant scene to a poolside fistfight.

Things only get crazier from there. When it debuted last year, Insatiable was a controversial production, as many felt that the show's more absurd elements had a casual air of body-shaming and fatphobia. The series centers around Patty, a teenager who has faced endless bullying for being overweight, but has now become thin after a freak accident left her on a liquid diet for three months.

The response started before the series even aired. A petition to cancel the show on Change.org had over 100,000 signatures on July 24, 2018, according to a report by The Guardian, while the show itself did not air until Aug. 10. Once it was out, things did not get better, however. Critics have dismissed the series as "trite," "unfunny" and "an equal opportunity trainwreck," and it holds a mere 13% score among viewers on Rotten Tomatoes.

The show's creators argued that the premise was based in real experience. Star Alyssa Milano told E! News at the time: "We are not shaming Patty .. We are addressing (through comedy) the damage that occurs from fat-shaming."

In spite of the outrage, Insatiable clearly works on some level, as Netflix renewed it in a year with so many other cancellations. It has its fans as well, and many were thrilled by the trailer on Monday, posting their favorite GIFs and counting down until the release.


Others rehashed the old criticisms of the show again, saying that they would not watch it this time around. Perhaps this season, without all the morbid curiosity, the series will not meet Netflix's renewal standards.

Insatiable Season 2 hits Netflix on Friday, Oct. 11.