Hulu's 'Sasquatch' Details Brutal Murders at the Hands of Possible Bigfoot in First Trailer

True crime meets folklore in Hulu's latest docuseries, Sasquatch. Ahead of its April 20 premiere, [...]

True crime meets folklore in Hulu's latest docuseries, Sasquatch. Ahead of its April 20 premiere, the streaming platform released the first trailer for its upcoming investigative documentary, which explores the possible connection between the legendary creature and the murders and brutal deaths of three men on a Northern California farm.

Released Tuesday, the two-minute-long trailer sets an eerie scene with a voiceover stating that "someone doesn't have to be out in the woods long too long to feel like I don't belong here and something is going to take me out." It then finds journalist David Holthouse, whose decades-long career includes undercover investigations into violent gangs, calling the story presented in the series "the craziest story I've heard" as he details the story of the three men murdered on a dope farm, the deaths a possible result of a Sasquatch attack. As Holthouse attempts to solve the bizarre 25-year-old case, the trailer teasing never-before-seen footage and interviews with top-secret subjects.

"While visiting a pot farm in Northern California in 1993, investigative journalist David Holthouse heard a story that still haunts him: On a nearby farm three men were torn limb from limb in a savage Bigfoot attack," the official synopsis for the series reads. "Sasquatch follows David as he revisits the Redwoods 25 years later, in search of any evidence that might lead to the truth of what happened that night. As he pulls at the threads of this story, he'll be taken down a path that's far more terrifying than anyone would have imagined."

The docuseries consists of three episodes, with the first episode, "Grabbing at Smoke," following Holthouse as he returns to the Emerald Triangle, one of the largest cannabis growing regions, to investigate the rumors he first heard about nearly three decades ago. As he attempts to find the "missing link" to solve the case, he "confronts very real threats in pursuit of tangible evidence." Episode 2, "Spy Rock," delves into the "violent criminal subculture in the Northern California mountains," with Episode 3, "Monsters Among Us," showing Holthouse "meeting with underworld sources and confronting dangerous suspects."

Sasquatch is directed by Joshua Rofé (Lorena) and executive produced by Steven Berger and the Duplass Brothers. It had its world premiere at SXSW and is set to drop on Hulu on Tuesday, April 20.