Hulu's Most-Watched Movie of 2017 Drew 33,000 Viewers a Day

Streaming services often make their streaming data public knowledge, but Hulu did recently reveal its most-watched movie of the year, which averaged out to being streamed 33,000 times a day.

The 2015 Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg film Daddy's Home was the number one most-streamed movie on Hulu in 2017, with a reported 12 million views.

Having launched on Hulu just before the New Year, the production and casting reports, as well as the ensuing trailers, of this year's sequel, Daddy's Home 2, were likely a big factor in driving users to watch the film.

After only a little over one month in wide-release, Daddy's Home 2 has brought in an estimated $158 million at the box office. That's on an estimated budget of about $69 million.

The first Daddy's Home raked in a little over $242 at the global box office in it's entire run on an estimated budget of of the exact same as the sequel.

All of these numbers are very interesting, considered both films have "rotten" scores from critics and audiences alike on Rotten Tomatoes. With streaming and box office revenue numbers like these, clearly people are happily watching these films.


In addition to the surprising streaming numbers for Daddy's Home, the new Hulu data report also revealed that users streamed 107 million hours of South Park, and overall watch 36 percent more comedy than they did in 2016.

The data also reports that the number one Hulu watcher streamed 654 movies and 195 TV series in the span of this year. No word on how many times that person watched Daddy's Home.