Hulu Cancels Major Show

Hulu has canceled its comedy series Woke after two seasons. The show starred New Girl alum Lamorne Morris as a Black cartoonist on the verge of mainstream success when a traumatic experience causes socio-political issues to begin cropping up in his work. The second season premiered in April of 2022, and according to a report by Variety it will be the last.

Woke was inspired by the life of artist Keith Knight, and accordingly centered around a character named Keef Knight (Morris). It was co-created by Keith Knight and Marshall Todd, and it has been generally well-received so far. The show may have suffered from the confused schedules and long delays that plagued so many other productions during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Hulu did not specify a reason for the cancellation.

Morris and Knight both responded to the cancellation news on social media. On Twitter, Morris retweeted a post from the Black Reel Awards where he was recently nominated for Oustanding Actor in a Comedy Series. He wondered: "Can I win this even after being canceled?" He made a lengthier post on Instagram, with no shortage of criticism for Hulu.

"Hey folks. It looks like Woke Season 3 will not be happening," he wrote. "Unrestricted free agency has just begun. We had a good run but now it's time for me to cancel my Hulu subscription but not before thanking all the fans. This wouldn't have been possible without y'all support. The way y'all rallied behind Woke was incredible. Having folks on the street stop me to show love for the characters and the writing has been incredibly rewarding. Especially when we tackle, what we tackle. Playing Keith Knight has been an absolute pleasure especially with the wonderful cast and crew assembled. Thanks for including me on your journey."

After concluding that he was "looking forward to this new chapter and what life reveals next," Morris opened a new paragraph with some sarcasm. He wrote: "Ok maybe I won't cancel my subscription the way they canceled us. I'll take the higher road and merely downgrade to just the sports package. Because Hulu Does have live sports."


Knight, meanwhile, posted a photo of a mock headstone for the character Keef Knight which included an image of a pen. It read: "Here lies Keef Knight. Artist. Activist. Artivist. Idiot." Fans shared their condolences for both men in the comments.

Both seasons of Woke are streaming now on Hulu. Some fans are clamoring for a renewal on a different platform, but there doesn't seem to be a unified petition or hashtag yet.