Hit MTV Show Surprise Drops New Season's Premiere

Get ready to go from Basic to Bougie with MTV! The hit YouTube series is back with a brand new season with hosts Tim Chantarangsu and Darren "Big Baby" Brand, featuring Justina Valentine. The eight-part series premiered Monday as a Wild 'N Out YouTube premiere, giving foodies and fans of the digital series alike a little extra holiday cheer.  

Every week, Chantarangsu, Big Baby and Valentine are exploring the price points of different foods, discovering if, when it comes to food, is bougie really better? Every episode, the hosts are presented with three versions of a "basic" dish like hot dogs and three versions of a "bougie" dish like caviar. After tasting everything, the hosts then have to use their taste buds to rank the foods from least to most expensive.  

In episode one, the trio explored the range of breakfast sandwiches and ceviche, and later in the season they'll take on ham and gummy candies in episode 2; tea sandwiches and healthy drinks in episode 3; hand pies and crawfish in the fourth episode; banana splits and soup in episode 5;  gelatin and sangria in the sixth episode; french toast and paella in episode seven; and sausage and booze popsicles in the eighth and final episode of the season.

Chantarangsu and Big Baby celebrated the show's return on Instagram, welcoming Valentine into the foodie fray. Chantarangsu shared a photo of Valentine pinching her co-host's bare chest to Instagram to announce the new season was "FINALLY" streaming, with Valentine commenting, "LETS GOOOOOO." Big Baby also shared a clip from the show to his Instagram, writing, "BASIC TO BOUGIE IS BACK !!!!!!!!!" Valentine commented, "i'll be there too," with her co-host responding, "LETS GET IT."

It was clear fans of the show couldn't wait for its return either. "Hell yeah one of my favorite shows!!!" one person commented, as another wrote, "Omgggggg yessssssss!!! IVE BEEN WAITING!!! LETS GOOOOOOO!" A different person added, "I'm there...I've been waiting on y'all to come back," while another chimed in, "Hell yeah one of my favorite shows!!!"