HBO Max Will Finally Be Available to Stream on Amazon Fire TV Devices Starting Tuesday

HBO Max will finally be available on Amazon Fire TV streaming devices, starting on Tuesday. Amazon announced the update on Monday in a post on its company blog, to the delight of fans who have waited months for this app. The news will be mutually beneficial to both Amazon and HBO Max's parent company, WarnerMedia.

Amazon is adding a free HBO Max app to its Fire TV devices, which can be downloaded by anyone. Those who subscribe to HBO Max directly can simply sign in with their email and password, or create an account and sign up right on their device. However, if you have a cable subscription, it's worth checking first to see if that grants you access to the HBO Max app already. AT&T TV, DirecTV and some other cable subscribers get access to HBO Max at no additional charge if they are already subscribed to the HBO network itself. The service is also available as an add-on to Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and some other services.

The app will even be compatible with Fire TV features like voice control, so you can simply say "Alexa, find HBO Max," and be directed to the app. This is reserved for those with Alexa Voice Remote devices like the Fire TV Cube.

Customers have been waiting months for HBO Max and Amazon Fire TV to reach a deal like this, and many were starting to fear it would never come. The negotiations have been fraught because Amazon had an existing deal with HBO, where it was treated as a cable channel rather than as a streaming service. Although HBO Max bears a similar name, it is a separate entity from the HBO channel itself, and the company wanted a deal more along the lines of what Netflix, Hulu and others get.

Amazon Fire TV devices are the primary way of streaming for millions of households, along with Roku hardware as well. Roku is still negotiating with HBO Max, but last month they did provide a helpful work-around for new Roku devices. Customers can now use the AirPlay 2 or HomeKit apps to "cast" HBO Max from an Apple device like an iPhone onto their Roku, so at least it is not impossible to watch the streaming service on their device.


HBO Max launched in May and is the latest major entry into the growing field of competing streaming services. It primarily hosts TV shows and movies under the WarnerMedia umbrella, including Warner Bros., NBCUniversal, DC Entertainment and, of course, HBO original content. The service has already made itself indispensable to many households by retaining the rights to Friends and other binge-worthy shows.

HBO Max is available now for $14.99 per month, and it comes with a seven-day free trial. The new HBO Max app on Amazon Fire TV devices will be available to all users by Tuesday, Nov. 17.