'GLOW' Star Britt Baron Loved Taking on Hulu's Newest 'Into The Dark' Horror Movie 'Because the Stakes Are so High' (Exclusive)

Glow star Britt Baron has spent her career pursuing a variety of TV and movie projects, with her [...]

Glow star Britt Baron has spent her career pursuing a variety of TV and movie projects, with her newest being the horror film My Valentine, which is the most recent installment of Hulu's Into The Dark series. While this is not Baron's first horror project, she says that this one stood out "because the stakes are so high."

While speaking to PopCulture.com, Barron gave a synopsis of My Valentine, saying that her character is a musician betrayed by her "boyfriend of 10 years," who "has taken her entire music identity, including the songs they wrote together, replaced with his new girlfriend." Twisting the metaphorical knife in deeper, his new love then goes on to become "super famous."

"I think it's a really interesting, original, exciting project, because I don't even really love, I'm not a huge horror fan. I'm a scardey-cat when I watch it. But I like being in one," she went on to say, adding, "I thought there were just a lot of themes that were very interesting."

(Photo: Patrick Wymore / Hulu)

Elaborating further on My Valentine, Barron shared, "I had originally met with Maggie Levin, the director and writer. She talked about, like, I didn't know there are all these conspiracies that Avril Lavigne is dead and that there's a clone, a lookalike. She drew from all of these aspects."

The conspiracy about Lavigne dates back a few years, with The Guardian being one of the first notable news outlets to report on it. Some fans claim that the singer began using a body double named Melissa early in her career, and eventually died, leaving Melissa to carry on.

"I think the music industry in general is so interesting to me, because in a way I think it's a lot darker than even the acting world," Baron went on to say. "I remember Madonna getting upset about Lady Gaga ripping her stuff off. I think there's a lot of the idea of imitation, and somebody taking your own work and becoming successful off of it, was very intriguing to me."

My Valentine isn't just an exploration of the music industry and bizarre conspiracy theories, however, as Baron says there are "a lot of scenes of her ex-boyfriend being manipulative and assaulting her," adding, "I think it's very prevalent in terms of the time that we're living in."

(Photo: Patrick Wymore / Hulu)

"It's female-driven in a lot of ways," Baron continued. "It's really my character, Valentine, and Trezzure, played by Anna Lore [pictured above], and us reconciling are we on the same team against this guy, or are we enemies."

Into the Dark is produced by modern horror masters, Blumhouse. My Valentine is written and directed by Maggie Levin (Miss 2059), and co-executive produced by filmmaking team C. Robert Cargill and Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Marvel's Doctor Strange).

The new film debuts Friday, Feb. 7 on Hulu.