'Game of Thrones' Star Takes Dark Turn in New Thriller Series for Spectrum

Game of Thrones fans can catch star Michiel Huisman in what may be an even darker role for the actor starting next month. Huisman is one of the stars of Angela Black, a psychological thriller premiering on Monday, Feb. 7 in the U.S. The show will stream exclusively on Spectrum on-demand.

Huisman is best known to Americans for playing the dashing sellsword Daario Naharis on Game of Thrones. He is just one of the recognizable faces in Angela Black, along with Joanne Froggatt of Downton Abbey and Samuel Adewunmi of The Last Tree, among others. The show is about a seemingly happy marriage that is disrupted when a private investigator tells the woman that her husband is not who she thinks he is. The trailer paints a picture of wealth and comfort that quickly turns sour as we see what lies beneath.

Spectrum Originals co-produced Angela Black with the U.K.'s ITV, where the series aired last year. Now it is coming to the U.S. at last, and fans of British TV will be pleased to see all six episodes dropping at once. The U.K.'s tendency towards limited series is thriving in the age of binge-watching.

All six episodes of Angela Black were written by brothers Harry and Jack William – co-founders of Two Brothers Pictures, which is also behind shows like Fleabag and Back to Life. The whole series was also directed by Craig Viveiros, who recently directed the 2019 TV adaptation of War of the Worlds. The stars and creators are back on a small press tour in anticipation of the U.S. release of the show, but they say that there are no plans for a second season, as the show is complete in its current form.

Other stars of Angela Black include Clement Stokes, Seth Stokes, Ashley McGuire, Pippa Nixon, Zora Bishop, Joe Coen, Lara Rossi, Anil Goutam, Sara Houghton, Jake Curran and Ojan Genc. As TV has become a more international industry, many of these stars may be familiar to viewers from a previous role, though the chatter online seems to indicate that Huisman is the best-known within the U.S.


Huisman took over the role of Daario Naharis in Season 5, though it had previously been played by Ed Skrein. The re-casting became a joke among fans online, since Huisman and Skrein do not look particularly similar and were not made to look similar by their stylists. Compounding that, fans noted that neither of them looked like the description of Daario from the books – a flamboyant dresser with his hair and mustache dyed into various colors and greased into outlandish spikes and shapes.

Huisman will get a chance to show a different side of his performance to a whole new set of fans in about two weeks. Angela Black premieres in the U.S. on Monday, Feb. 7 on Spectrum on-demand.